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  1. Pulling the top end off tonight for a look at my mistakes [emoji23]
  2. Just put on the standard head and it’s slightly better. Can the power valve slap back?
  3. Just put a top end in my 17 te250 at 80 hours plus a sx head from slavens. Not the bike runs nice but when I back off I hear a loud knock from there. I just piped the head off and all looks good. Any suggestions?
  4. Following this one. I have a ax head ready to go on my 17 te250.
  5. I’m happy now. Did the JD gasket. Leaned the pilot to 35 Main at 450 43-74 2nd clip AS 2 turns out. Bike is on fire!! That gasket is the key, I’ve been playing with jetting for weeks but it has been either too fat or too lean at 1/8 throttle.
  6. That’s funny, I just did my gasket with the aid of some tooheys old. Tricky little job. By the sounds of it I’ll be playing jetting again tomorrow now the gasket is done. 17 TE250
  7. I’ve ordered the block gasket. $30 in Australia with the post [emoji3166]
  8. Might be a bit hard to see but my left preload adjuster has a crack in it right near the ‘0’. This a easy bit to change? Has anyone seen this before?
  9. Every one talks about this Idle jet. Can’t seem to find where to buy them.
  10. 17te250 When I bought it it was making a mess on the pipe and I was shocked to find a 40 pilot jet in it. I stuck a 25 in and it was super lean, running on after I opened it up a bit. I’ve slowly got back up to a 37.5. Running 95 octane and about 55:1 good quality oil. The jetting app seems to work well.
  11. I set mine up according to the first page and it was way to lean. Not sure if it’s our fuel in Australia or what. I’m easy coast, 15-35 degrees C, 0-500m above sea level. I have 450 main, 43-73 middle clip, 37.5 pilot. Runs well at this.
  12. I sorted the jetting I think. Downloaded the app and its running good enough for me. On the reeds it has vforce reed block already. I’m guessing this isn’t stock?
  13. I’m hearing you about the side panels
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