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  1. Looking for place to ride with my son. He is 13 and a newbie. I'm close to Andover. Is there a small track in this area where we won't be bothered?
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    Had this bike since new. I will never sell it!
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    My son loves this bike. very reliable! Too bad he out grew it.
    My son loves this bike. very reliable! Too bad he out grew it.
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    My sons bike. I cant get it to run right. I hope this forum helps!
    My sons bike. I cant get it to run right. I hope this forum helps!
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    I love this bike
    I love this bike
  6. Ok just received manual in mail. I was looking at cfr250r timing procedure an the internet. The cfr150r timing is vertical not horizontal like the 250. the bike is back together and now turns over. I mixed up the 4 shims. I have to go back and adjust the valves. waiting for shim kit in mail.
  7. Looks exactly like my bike. The cam must have twisted. The bike is 9 years old. Should I try to fix this cam or buy new one? I was thinking of getting a cam with more low end. Perhaps a wisco. My son is moving up from a smaller bike and want it easier for him to ride in trails. I also have a heavier flywheel.
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    Timing off

    Hello, Just bought a 2007 CRF 150R for my son. Bike started but stalled a lot and had a low end bog and would not idle. Rejetted the bike with JD jet kit and fuel screw. Bike seemed to do the same thing. I then went to check the valves. I noticed the timing was way off. About 90 degrees. I lined up the marks on the cam with the head and top dead center. I I left shims in there. figured i would correct timing before i check for clearances. i put everything back together and for some reason the motor would only turn half way over. i could back turn it all the way around until it stopped at same point. I thought i might have put the cam in upside down. i pulled everything back off and redid it. same thing happened. At this point i made sure shims didn't fall in motor. they did not. when i pull off the cam and rockers engine spins fine. Are the valve hitting the piston? Is the cam no good? I did call honda and they said cam recall was done on this bike. I pulled off cam 10 times. Last time I did drop 2 shims in motor. My son really wants to ride this bike. any help would be appreciated.
  9. Should I cut down the rivit as explained in Redbeards AP Mod.. and for the record, I tried to begin new post. Every time I did it kicked me out of app. Thanks for the info.
  10. Hello. I own a 2007 crf 150r. I recently purchased a quickshot 3. When I took the old cover off, the diaphragm was damaged. Upon research I found there are 2 different diaphragms for this carberator. The original has a longer pin on diaphragm. They have an optional diaphragm kit 16023-KRN-851 that has a shorter pin. Should I order the original diaphragm or the optional diaphragm. If I put the optional kit (16023-KRN-851) , do I need to put longer rod in or keep original
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