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  1. jack13

    Eletric start harness

    Yes it is surprising that honda sells this kit like this seemingly incomplete. Babbits does't even show the harness even when you type in the part # on their web site.
  2. jack13

    Eletric start harness

    When you buy the electric starter kit from honda it does not come with the harness. Too bad I didn't ask you before I ordered the kit. Thanks for the good info .
  3. jack13

    Eletric start harness

    Hi , I would like to know if anyone has bought the harness to add electric start for a 2017 crf450r. I just bought the starter kit, but it does not include the harness. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. jack13

    Avoid Crown King Aug 25th

    Thanks for the info .
  5. jack13

    Circlip found in oil screen crf450rx

    I can't see the size of clip, but look at the plastic oil pump gear. Left side. While you have the left side case off clean your stator and coils.
  6. jack13

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I sent you a pm Scott.
  7. Hey Scott, I'm in Surprise. Give me a call . 623-377-6654

  8. jack13

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I'll most likely be riding. I live near 303 and Bell road. Probably ride at Bell and 219.
  9. jack13


    Thanks for the tip, I'm new at this .
  10. jack13


    Hi Ken, I ride out by mile marker 14, 12, and other places closer to surprise. I would gladly show you these riding areas. Call me if you like. 623-377-6654. Jack
  11. jack13

    Where/how to attach plate

    Most people I see bend or form the plate in a half circle the around the upper fork tube, between the top clamp and bottom clamp. Position the plate vertical . Attach with three plastic zip ties.
  12. jack13

    2017 hours and problems.

    Had my 17 since 7-17 . Changes have been 50 n/mm fork springs with 1/2 inch preload on the them, remap by toyo mods . All else is stock. Bike has 57 hrs. no problems. Best bike I've ever owned.
  13. I have a 08 with the same issue. I bought a new trans bolt ome and pulled out the old bolt and put in a the new one. It was hard to get the new bolt started as I had to push and turn bolt at the same time. Once it threaded on I tightened it, and now I never remove it. I use a pump to empty the trans side. I pump into a used 1 qt bottle and put back in same the amount, apox 600ml. I then fill to the level bolt for correct amount. My level bolt was also stripped and I heli coiled those threads. Remember to use a new crush washer on your bolts.
  14. Hi ehall, I'm jackw13. I would like to ride where you spoke about by Vultre mine. Would also like to meet you there if possible. I live in surprise  and would take 60 to Wickenburg. Where do I find Vulture rd., and Aquila? My phone # is 623-377-6654. I'm 65 and just getting riding again. Thanks.

    1. ehall


      To get to vulture mine Rd you go thru Wickenburg to the west side and turn left on vulture mine rd. Go south around 15 or 20 miles to a big intersection with Wickenburg Rd and Aguila Rd all meet. Good parking 1/2 mile south on dirt rd. I will let you know when I can go. I may have to work this coming up weekend.

  15. jack13

    New Riding Buddies in the Phoenix AZ area?

    I'm west side of valley in Surprise, by the White Tank mountains, and am always looking for riding partners. I'm older, and just started riding again. Anyone on the west side who like to ride let me know. I'm retired so during the week is still good for me. I have a 2017 crf 450r , and a 2008 crf450r.