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  1. My buddy is having the same issue and I came across this thread. It looks like it’s dead, but were you able to figure it out?
  2. I’ll check when I get home. Thank you for replying though. Do you have any ideas of what it’d be if it still clanked with the clutch pulled in?
  3. Here is a video of my KTM and it’s making this awful sound that makes the bike sound “loose”. Is there a fix for this or is this normal? If anyone has advice it’d be greatly appreciated.
  4. On Craigslist, there are quite a few green sticker mx bikes for sale. Whether they're 2 or 4 stroke. I am going to get a used bike for sure since I don't have the money for a new bike from a dealer. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hi so in the spring of 2016, I got my first dirtbike, a CRF230F. I am now looking to upgrade later this year and I cannot decide which bike I should get. Can someone help me decide? I was thinking of a 250 4 stroke but I am not sure of how different that is in terms of power from the 230. I also rode my friends 250 2 stroke but I don't think it was tuned that well although I liked the power. So for this discussion, my choices are a 2 stroke - 250, 300 or 4 stroke- 250, 350, 450. Any advice is much appreciated. Personally I like trail riding and the occasional track therefore, I would rather not get a motocross bike.
  6. Yeah I was thinking of a CBR600RR or a ZX6R but I realized that I had to take a step back and first convince my parents of letting me get a bike. I told them that if I got a bike while still living with them, they could do a fairly good job of regulating what I wore and how safe I am. I also told them that having a gold chrome bike is safer than having a black bike. Although I love and want a ZX6R or a CBR super bad, I first need to convince them into letting me get a bike...
  7. You don't think that I could go for a higher displacement? I'm going to be getting a higher displacement dirt bike soon and I think I would be able to handle a higher cc bike once I become more responsible and mature.
  8. The Tusk kit works great and I haven't encountered any problems since I swapped out the clutch. It was a super easy fix but had to use an impact wrench and, I think, a 24mm spanner tool. I didn't have to swap out the original springs or friction plates. I just had to use the disks and it works great. Thanks everyone for all the replies and help. Having a working clutch makes an amazingly huge difference!
  9. Hi I am wondering which tires are the best for a CRF230F. I know that there are different treads for different terrain, but I don't wanna get a low quality rubber. I am running a Maxxis tire since I have gotten the bike. Not sure which model tire, but I would be fine with getting the same tire. The wear line is getting really low and I can hardly fit the tip of my finger in it anymore. I live in Northern California and ride at Hollister Hills which is made up of gravel, loose dirt and the occasional sand. And there is also a paved road to get the trails that goes on for quite a while. Any advice on a good tire is much appreciated!
  10. How different does a 250 street bike feel from a 250 dirt bike? I have a crf230f and thinking about how much more the street bike would weigh compared to 20ccs more, I couldn't imagine how much of a difference the bike would feel.
  11. I am 16 right now and I want to get a street bike. I am going to wait till I'm 18 (at least) and I am fully aware of what causes most crashes. I have looked at a lot of crash statistics, police reports, and crash videos on YouTube to see what causes most accidents. It seems like a lot of accidents can be prevented and/or not fatal. My mom is okay with me getting a bike when I am 18, but my father isn't. He really doesn't like street bikes, however, I would rather take a bike over a car. Any advice on helping me convince my parents? I know that I am young to get a bike but I feel like I can handle the responsibility.
  12. Yeah it was weird. On their website it said that they had some in stock and then after we ordered it then they were like "oh it looks like we ran out. Uh oh. Not gonna tell you until you contact us." It was stupid so I had to go with an aftermarket brand that people say works surprisingly well.
  13. I got a Tusk clutch kit and I think it fixed it! I know this is a very late reply but better late and never! I couldn't find anywhere that had the OEM clutch kit for an '05 CRF230F. Thanks for recommending a replacement clutch!
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