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  1. I've never had a chain derail since i switched to a plastic rear chain guide on any of my tm's, the aluminium ones do bend easy and derail chain.
  2. I use a fuel filler sock, traps any dirt from the gas can before it gets into tank https://www.split-stream.com/products/splitstream-fuel-filter-honda-crf-kawasaki-kxf-ktm-sxf-efi
  3. Yes they are not cheap, especially for a tube, I think I paid almost 140 euro for mine, But the price of Michelin mousses have surpassed that now, the rep that i got it from claimed no one has punctured one yet, they have extensively tested them (sea to sky enduro, erzberg, Romaniacs). People are running them as low as 3 psi for extreme stuff. I weighed the rear and its 3.7kg Michelin mousse is 1.5kg so fairly heavy
  4. I'm testing these Lucioli tubes, they are meant to be puncture proof, so far so good. Running them at 6 psi. They are heavier than mouses but do not break down like a mousse. They have 2 built in bead lockers as well.
  5. tpi tank will be different as it has a fuel pump inside and does not have the option of a fuel tap for carbed bikes, i would say a 2017 tank should be the same
  6. I had heated grips on my 2012 tm 250, 2014 tm 300 and a 2016 tm250fi, without any problems. What i did is i installed a on/off/on (3 position toggle switch) on the headlight circuit. That way when the power is to the grips, the headlight is off, thats 35 watts right there so no added strain on the stator.
  7. I purchased a 2020 headlight support for my 2019, It re routes the cables behind the headlight mask so that the cables do not rub on the guide. It also gives protection to the lower fork clamp. Fits fairly decent with little modification, lower 2 bolt holes line up but the upper 2 do not a require drilling. The 2020 supports are cheap, 19 euro from my local dealer.
  8. Just picked up this 2012 300 txt pro
  9. if you are any good at wiring, you should be able to figure out what wires are for the low fuel light and wire up a small light to it, thats what a lot of the pro's do as. they remove the clocks and just have a light the same as the low oil warning light
  10. I've used extreme carbon's pipe guard on my 2014 300, excellent product that fits well, definitely recommended.
  11. Bike won't kick start if battery is dead, needs battery power to power pump
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