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  1. hurricane jonny

    Honda CRF 450X or KTM 450 EXC?

    Gotta second Wood on this. Try them both then decide. But really try them, not 5 minutes on each. At this point I would personally take the Katoom. The Honda is a first year bike but it is getting good press. Like it wouldn't anyway.
  2. hurricane jonny

    Primary drive sprockets?

    Thanks guys. I think I'll go with the Primary Drive sprockets and DID X Ring chain.
  3. hurricane jonny

    Primary drive sprockets?

    Has anyone tried these? I don't expect them to last like Ironman but just how long do they last?
  4. hurricane jonny

    450 X question about valves

    You can just feel the love.
  5. hurricane jonny

    CRF450x weight issue

    Sounds to me like Blaster1200 has already made up his mind. Listen, do yourself a favor. Find a KTM to try out. They are out there. Then try a 450X. If you still feel that the Honda is for you, buy it. IMHO I agree with the majority here. The KTM for now is just a better bike. Get over the hype. Give each one an honest try and then decide.
  6. hurricane jonny

    Dust to Glory!!!

    I checked all the theaters in my area and it's not playing anywhere. Why is that? Will it be a while before it reaches some theaters or will i have to buy the DVD? I probably will anyway. I really want to see this flic!!!
  7. hurricane jonny

    450 X question about valves

    It is possible that someone at the factory had something else on their mind when assembling your particular bike and didn't set the decompressor correctly. Nonetheless, you should definately check it out.
  8. hurricane jonny

    Finally got to ride her

    Yes you did. Had question about oil change, figured it out though. I'm having surgery on my ear tomorrow so I won't be riding for a couple of weeks. As soon as I can though we'll have to hook up and do some roto tillin'.
  9. hurricane jonny

    Finally got to ride her

    Got my BRP about 2 weeks ago (2000). It is plated and fully uncorked, so I did take it down the road a ways when I first got it. Took it to a big sand pit the other day. WOW!! There isn't a hill this thing won't climb. Definately better at 20 mph + than creeping along. You say when pigs fly? Well, I had this pig flyin'. Nothing crazy, about 6 ft. up. Heavy, heavy, heavy. Clearly this bike was not made for jumping. Fast sweepers are a blast though and yes, I am pleased with the wheelieing capabilities. I can see why a lot of people have a second bike for tight woods stuff. I don't know about pig, wild boar maybe! Overall I'm happy with it.
  10. hurricane jonny

    extra steel clutch plate help

    I just did the upgrade that the Pig Pen recommends. Installed new clutch bushing and added one steel plate at bottom of of the basket placing the rest of the clutch pack back in over the extra plate. Now, because of this, the throw out bearing on the pressure plate has some in / out play. This was taken up by adjusting the cable on the cases. I don't know if this right. I had to basically use all the adjustment at both ends of the cable to get full lever action. And it feels slightlt harder to pull. It feels like the springs are bottoming on themselves when I pull the lever all the way to the bars. Has anyone experieced this? I'm supposed to go riding Sunday so any quick feed back would be appreciated.
  11. hurricane jonny

    KTM 450 EXC edges out win in DR 24 Hour Shootout

    Retail the X and EXC are the same. The KTM comes stock with top shelf stuff and the X doesn't. Excel rims , hydraulic clutch, nice bars, trail computer etc... There is a perfect example. The KTM's "Trail Tech" style computer and the X comes your basic $6 odo. Not to mention, Ktm's reliability has greatly improved over the years while the Honda's have gotten worse. For now, the KTM is a no brainer. It's not just about power and handling on any machine. It's what you get as a whole for your $$$.
  12. hurricane jonny

    i got one

    Welcome to TT and Pig ownership!
  13. hurricane jonny


    I forgot to mention a special thanks to Brian for being patient and keeping the pig in his garage until I was ready to pick it up. Plus he met me half way which was close to 2 hrs. for both of us. Hpoe your leg heals soon and thanks again!
  14. hurricane jonny


    The proud new owner of Brian's ex BRP here. Going through it today. Clutch bushing, peg bolts, cables etc... Should have it on the road and riding it by Wednesday.
  15. hurricane jonny

    450X wins Dirt Rider Shootout!

    That's not nice.