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  1. Line8

    Tracking Device for Off Road

    Try the motion X app. Ive had very good luck with it. Inreach explorer is good for the possible issues that may come up.
  2. Does anyone use the Voyager Pro? I like the tracking feature of other riders. Does this only track other riders using the voyager pro or does it have the ability to connect via bluetooth or other methods to other types of communicators. I’m thinking like garmin rinos.
  3. Line8

    Teanaway - Recreation Planning Process

    I read it, quickly. Mostly the same with a few changes in the TCF. Basically no motorized in the TCF except localized travel. Also, snowmobiling seems unchanged except the West Fork, where that will be a no go. Skiers and pedalers and walkers only. I’m sure there’s more but I just skimmed over it.
  4. Line8

    Teanaway - Recreation Planning Process

    I spoke with DNR police chief and was spoken to as they have a very precarious situation in the teanaway area. That they have to manage this area in a way to provide the best possible experience for all. When that was reiterated several different ways to make the same point, I immediately thought he was saying the exact opposite. My opinion is that they have to provide the best possible experience for a single use or more specifically use without motorized. Horses [emoji3581] Hiking [emoji3581] Mountain bike [emoji3581] Anything else.... be careful not to disturb the others.
  5. Line8

    Bro forest?

    Winter Rec is included in this. Week by week you will see the same handful of vehicles and users all winter for 5-6 months. And yes, motorized use in the winter can be mixed with few issues here. Motorized use Cannot be in the non motorized use but the non motorized use CAN use the motorized use. Dumb!
  6. Line8

    Teanaway - Recreation Planning Process

    Cle Elum needs to get involved. $$$$ Winter Rec supports that town when things get cold. Same in the summer, except the Suncadia crowd could care less, they did get their Starbucks through the back door though in Safeway. No motorized = loss of many things.
  7. Line8

    Bro forest?

    This makes my blood nearly boil. Been going there for many many years. It has become such a pretentious place in the summer. It used to be an extra 30 minute drive to avoid the Lake cle elum crowds. It’s policed by DNR, Fish and game and another 3rd party and they have no problem treating you like its King or Pierce County. I’m painting a picture that is slightly exagerated. There was a time I considered buying property in the middle fork. I’m so glad I didn’t. But, moving forward, expect to get pushed out if you are into motorized. The yellow gates are everywhere and the dispersment of people is non existent. Time to get very involved. Winter recreation is the same. There is proposed a non motorized area on the West fork that used to mixed. Same at the middle fork. The north fork is motorized but is also used for non motorized. In 10 years of winter use, I have never seen an issue in any of the areas. Start segregating and funneling people and watch the issues start to pop up.
  8. Line8

    Carbon tax initiative

    “The Nature Conservancy” Top donor! The Governor Jay Inslee says “the health of our children are at risk”
  9. Line8

    Carbon tax initiative

    I’ll vote against so maybe I will sway it to 51% for the win or not in favor.
  10. Line8

    Who is going to the Rimrock Grand Prix ?

    I was on that road yesterday. Along with every other possible all weekend. I was looking at that lake bed thinking how fun that would be to ride on.
  11. Line8

    Olympia WA Capital forest riders

    Sorta what I was saying not saying.
  12. Line8

    Olympia WA Capital forest riders

    I used to park and then ride from Rock candy. The last month or so Ive been just riding from home up there. Maybe that is becoming a popular idea.
  13. Line8

    Olympia WA Capital forest riders

    I ride there a lot, mostly alone. Not this weekend though, headed to rimrock area. But i live about 5-10 minutes from rock candy parking. I’m game to tag along another time. I ride a couple times a week late afternoons.
  14. Line8

    Gifford Pinchot needs YOU.

    I’ll send off a letter! I also have a question. How are additional or new trails requested or considered or created? Not sure if this is the time, but seems like to stay relevant, better to be proactive instead of reactive.
  15. Line8

    New dnr parking lot-teanaway

    Sorry, more detail!!!! It’s off the Teanaway Rd. Here’s coordinates: Nevermind, found it. I should have known. This lower teanaway area is done for as it once was. The new way is emerging more and more. Don’t get me started on snowmobiling. Its mainly a parking lot and short walking trails. So, parking lot.