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  1. simon@vic

    Help me pick a WR450F and ADV it!

    you need a new ktm 500exc or an 2003-2007 street legal 525exc. i have a 2007 wr450f and think its great. but its not a great bike on the road at all. if you need gearing that tall then you need a diffrent bike! get a 6 speed wide ratio bike or a bigger dualsport bike that is acctualy comfortable on the road
  2. simon@vic

    no spark on 2003 wr450f

    some 2003 wr450s had crank/keyway/flywheel failures. there was no torque limmeter in the electric start and the tapper was not correct and there was alot of broken cranks etc. when the bike sputtered it could sheer the crank/flywheel som bikes got upgraded with 2004 parts. some bikes got green lock tight. some got nothing!!!! if the flywheel is not spinning and the crank is then you wont have spark. but you also wont have a bike that charges. tank it apart and tell us what you find.
  3. simon@vic

    '03 Starter Gear on '04 Crankshaft???

    if your doing all that work to a 2003, upgrade everything to 2004-2006 parts!!!
  4. with reg maintenance, oil changes all the time, and maybe a set of intake valves............i could see them going for 50 000km easily!! i got 40 000km out of a 2004 wr450f engine!! (at 40 000km i gave it rings, valve guide seals due to smoke, and shift forks due to supermotard)
  5. i wouldn't use that head if your putting $ into new pistions and cyls
  6. simon@vic

    My New WR450F 2011!!!!!!!

    don't pay for it until it is in front of you!! 2007-2011 is the same bike so the amount of use (its km's) is more important then the actual year. get the frame number and input it on this website: http://www.motoverse.com/tools/vinDecoder.asp it will tell you what all the #s and letters stand for.
  7. simon@vic

    RFS 450 Head Question

    for the price of it and if your racing it i would replace it!!
  8. simon@vic

    525 starting problem

    if jumping from a car, make sure the car is NOT running!!
  9. simon@vic

    Think I have a carb problem??????

    FULL carb clean, new plug, new plug cap , and check the air filter!
  10. simon@vic

    Fork top cap

    not that i have seen. let us know if you find one!
  11. simon@vic

    1999 wr 400

    $1300-$1500 if it is in good condition.
  12. if you have a 510smr and maybe 450smr, 510te, 450te EFI model you need to check the main wiring harness at the ECU/ECM plug. the harness rests on the top of the injector rail.......... after 2000km approx the rubbing eats right through the harness and the wires ground out!!!! protect yours before this happens to you!! i fixed then protected with a rubber buffer.
  13. simon@vic

    wr400 wheels fit 2003 wr450?

    2003 wr450 has 48mm forks.................i think!
  14. simon@vic

    New (to Me) WR450F

    DONT ride your bike until it has the 2004 parts in it!!! if it goes snap you loose the crank!!!!! also the crank to flywheel taper on some of the 2003s was bad so some locktight on there while your doing the 2004 parts is a good idea!!
  15. WR450F cams are better then hotcams from an old wr426!!!! if you want more hit higher in the rpm then buy a 2003-2004-2005 yz450 exhaust cam! the 426 cams in theory could work but i would not unless your 450 cams where missing or NFG for some reason. you can put an 2003-2006 wr450 EX cam in a WR426 to attain the auto decompresser. i have done this to a wr426 and an old wr250, it works well. BUT the cam chain and cam sprockets are not exactly the same. the only reason people did it is the old 426/250 could be a pan in the ass to start. if you where crazy enough to put the 426 cams in any way you would be need to install a manual decompresser and then kick start only............. the rear wheel will interchange. so should the front wheel , forks, brakes, etc. yamaha is very interchangeable. if its cheap just buy it for parts. just dont put the cams in