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  1. Hey thumpertalk! Me and 3 buddies are taking a trip to west virginia to ride the hatfield mccoy trails later this year and we were looking for a good place to stay. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey fellas I'm ordering some numbers for my bike for hare scrambles. I was wondering if you guys think 6" numbers will fit on the front number plate. I am number 102. I just don't know if I can fit 3 numbers on there.
  3. I was going to offer him 1k but I wouldn't go above 1.2k im sure she was neglected. Guess I'll just have too go take a look.
  4. Apparently the chain broke and smacked the case. I was gonna shoot him a low ball offer and see what he came back with. Basically the hole the cable goes into is smashed closed. I dont really need the bike but its pretty clean.
  5. I am looking at a 09 YZ450 on craigslist. Its for sale for 1800 but it as a cracked case. Ill upload the pictures later but I am wondering it it can be fixed. It is cracked right where the clutch cable goes into the clutch.
  6. So i took a close look over the weekend and there's no identifying mark on the back of the cylinder. There is a C on the left side of the exhaust. I thibk the best best is to buy something to measure the bore and match the piston to that.
  7. Where did you get those graphics. I need these for my 02! Great looking bike.
  8. I will probably just measure the bore and order the matching piston. This is the fist top end rebuild being done its low on hours and complety stock I dont think there will be too much damage for the cylinder.
  9. Was the mark stamped?
  10. I'll have to take another look but the only mark i saw was a c on the left side.
  11. I am rebuilding the top end on my yz250 this winter and need to know what piston to get. I am getting an oem piston and I'm unsure how to identify what piston I need. I believe there are 3 different oem pistons. Anyone know where the identifying marks are?
  12. Michigan

    That's a great picture. Have any more of the Husky.
  13. Michigan

    Rode Barton city, Bull gap, and Lupton trail loops over the holiday. The only problems we ran into were on the Lupton trail there are quite a few washouts and big rocks. Other than that it was great riding.
  14. I saw 2 late 70's yz490s over memorial day. Not sure what year it is but my dad rides around on an old IT250