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  1. I have one on an 09 and an 07, no problems. My sprockets only last a few months any way!
  2. charliep

    Dual to single exhaust

    Yes you can. You need a new mid pipe. Like the other said, we went with the powercore4 and powerbomb header. It's and easy change, the powercore4 came with everything we needed to change it to a single.
  3. charliep

    Rotella T ?

    I use it on an 07 and my 09 crf450r since they were new. We race desert and ride hard. I have never had any problems with the bikes caused by the oil.
  4. We had to camp 2 nights instead of one. We had a remote pit. But that was just a minor inconvience.
  5. charliep


    Rotella T in all my bikes and truck for 3 years. I just did a top end on the 07 250r, the piston, rings and cylinder looked great.
  6. charliep

    What oil do you run.

    My son and I race hare and hounds in the desert, 07 crf250r and 09crf450r. We run Rotella T, with oversized radiators. We are always overheating our bikes. My son raced a 2 loop 80 mile race. The first loop was tough with a lot of coolant puking hills and bottle necks. He finished the second loop (after 80+ miles) with almost NO coolant. I replaced the the piston and rings after that. But the engine still ran fine, cylinder looked good. I have no problem putting Rotella in our bikes.
  7. charliep

    Ebay Radiators

    I've had the fluidynes also, they are superior to the ebay chinese radiators. They fit well and are very sturdy. You definitely get what you pay for. But, so far the cheeper ones have been working well for me.
  8. charliep

    Ebay Radiators

    I race desert. I used to spend $100.00 on braces when i buy a new bike. The first time i would crash hard, the radiators and brace would be destroyed. I would end up paying to fix the radiator and buying new braces. Now I buy the ebay chinese ones and use the stock as back up. The chinese radiators hold up well and are bigger than stock. I've had a couple bad wrecks. I just have them fixed at my local shop. It's pretty cheap to fix and I don't run the braces. I thinks they hold up as well as the stockers with the braces. No more boiling over in the tight stuff. I also run the 1.6 cap.
  9. charliep

    07 crf 250r carb jetting

    stock: 175 main; 42 pilot; nkbt needdle, 3rd clip from top; fuel screw, 2 1/4 turns. How does it run? If there's nothing wrong with the way it rides, I wouldn't change anything. I'm not sure what altitude your at, but as it warms up your bike will run richer.
  10. charliep

    2008 crf250r idleing issue

    I just bought one yesterday for our 2007 at the Yamaha dealer, $10.00. I'm not sure what size Carb is on the 08. The 07 has the 40mm carb. The parts numbers were the same for the 37mm and 40mm, so I bought one for an 07 yz250.
  11. I bought mine. 1 in 200, pretty good odds! And for a good cause.
  12. charliep

    Riding in Baja?

    I have an 09, I don't burn oil. I run a 14/47, it is a good gearing for me. Anything taller and I have trouble in the tight stuff. I don't know a lot about lighting, but i believe when you have you stator rewound, you want to add the heavier flywheel weight.
  13. charliep

    Steahly flywheel 17oz

    I'm running the 11 oz for desert. I like it alot keeps from sealing in the tight stuff. I haven't tried the 17 oz though.
  14. charliep

    Riding in Baja?

    I ride/ race my 09 here in CA, D37. I have not had any problems. I have it set up for desert like you. I added heavy flywheel also. No light/ electric start. Last year I preran most of the San felipe 250 course with no problems. I like it because it's not as heavy after riding 200 miles in two days.
  15. charliep

    taller/wider tire on my 2007 crf250r

    My sons 07 has a 110/90-19 Kenda Parker on it, with an FMF Q4. It does rub a little. He likes the tire size for racing in the desert.