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  1. junkyard dog

    ATK Motorcycles

    Hmmm... I love the A-trak and have added them to many other bikes...
  2. junkyard dog

    ATK 604

    Yep... Talk to Kieth at ADB. He is the man!
  3. junkyard dog

    What ever happened to ATK?

    Plenty of opinions in this thread... Here's mine. I've had a few ATKs over the years and have never had any reliability issues with any of them. I presently ride a '97 ATK 605 DSES and it still amazes me that a machine this big can handle so light and agile and that the suspension could absorb this much abuse. I've had a long list of big bore thumpers and none even come close to matching this beast. I also have a '90 ATK 406 MX, of which I've had 2, and they are, bar none, my all time favorite dirt bikes! The 406 gives me simple maintenance, superb handling, awesome power curve, and great suspension and brakes. The 406 takes a different riding style than any other bike but once a rider has adjusted to these differences it is a serious weapon in the woods or on the MX track. My son has a Cannondale 440 that he likes.
  4. junkyard dog

    Dick Mann TT500 or ProFab HL500

    What kind of riding do you plan to do? My Dick Mann was a superb trail ride and also worked great for scramble type racing. My HL replica was better on the MX track.
  5. junkyard dog

    xt250/tt250 cafe racer project ?!

    The single cam 250 Yammies can be cross bred with warrior/big wheel parts to up the cc's to 350. Big bore piston and stroker can bump it up to 430 cc.
  6. junkyard dog

    TT550 Exhaust

    The stock 550 engine will not benefit from an open end cap or too many discs. If you want an XT550 to rev it takes more mods than just a pipe. What do you plan to use the bike for? Dual Sport? Trail? Track?
  7. junkyard dog

    I want a Yamaha IT - but which one?

    IT 200s are great woods toys and with a few mods can become a serious weapon in the hands of a decent rider. IMHO
  8. junkyard dog

    77TT modded, questions from a newbie

    I run the ATK chain roller system on a few of mine and it works great. Easy to install too. Just weld a few small lugs to the swinger and presto, no more chain probs.
  9. junkyard dog

    tt500 tracker exhaust choices

    Jemco has been my favorite for a couple decades but I haven't ordered one lately. Excellent performance on my dyno and on the track. Great fit and smooth looks too.
  10. junkyard dog

    Another HL/TT-ish project idea

    Looking through the shed the other day I stumbled across my old Husky 500 frame in good shape. It got me thinking about putting it to good use with one of my TT 500 engines. Shortly after that I realized I could steal the suspension off of my old dead Cannondale to really make this thing complete. Would require some creative fabricating but nothing above my skill level. Any thoughts?
  11. junkyard dog

    Yamaha TT500 - buying tips

    LOL That's funny! I don't have any use for SRs either but there are a few cool features in their engines that are great for TTs and XTs. II like to run SR engines in all my off roaders because of those upgrades.
  12. junkyard dog

    1983 ktm rotax- need info

    Keith at ADB is the guy you want to chat with. http://americandirtbike.com/ The big rotax thumper is an outstanding engine and easy to maintain.
  13. junkyard dog

    Yamaha TT500 - buying tips

    TTs are all points - late XTs are pointless - all SRs are pointless
  14. junkyard dog

    XT500 title needed

    Good luck Art... I wish I had titles for all the XTs that have adopted me over the years. LOL
  15. junkyard dog

    My new XR75 DG Racer!

    Saweet! Much cooler than my stock '76... Right click - Save as...