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  1. Can you locate the source of the sound? Most bottom end sounds stay in the bottom end. The chain for the timing can grind if the tensioner is loose. Check the free play of the timing chain first. Are any bolts non stock? Sometimes replacement bolts are slightly too long and make contact inside where they shouldn't. Take note of anything thats been replaced and back it off a little to see if the noise goes away. Look on the side to see if the oil goes away when running or stays at the level it is when not running. You may have oil starvation and not be lubricated properly. Could be time for an oil pump. Those are some simple checks for more serious things without taking it apart yet.
  2. My 2004 klx 125 flooded the bottom and with gas so I went and rebuilt the petcock and carburetor with new float assembly etc. when I put it back together and tried to drive it sometimes the bike would have fire and sometimes it would not. When it would fire and run after a minute it started to choke out and die like something with erratic spark. If the RPMs were kept high enough it will still run but very badly and I attribute that due to the amount of rotations being a enough to keep the engine running even though it is skipping some timing spark. Sometimes even cold it has no fire. When it does it runs like a brand new bike. It decides this completely at random and is definitely spark related, it backfires occasionally. All adjustments are setup properly. Something is failing. After the crankcase was flooded with gas and it ran for a little while before I noticed it coming out the crankcase vent tube into the airbox ......a mixture of gas and Oil until the entire bottom end was full. My question is whether or not running gas through the oil could have shorted the stator or pick up?? I know it's more likely that it overheated from lack of lubrication and one of the components were too hot, but what's the chances of it shorting out? I figure it's not a CDI since it comes and goes and a CDI will basically die and never come back. I'm trying to figure out what it is because it's an intermittent problem and it's making it harder to troubleshoot. When I have spark everything is correct when I do not have spark sometimes I get a good reading from everything and sometimes I don't get a reading at all
  3. I'm trying to find a source for the fuel float needle for my klx-125. I just dumped 1.5 gallons of fuel out of my crankcase after it started blowing out the crankcase vent tube into the airbox. I refuse to believe there is only ONE float needle on ebay for this and the drz-125 and its $35 for it. I know it's a smaller 3mm float needle than the 5mm found in the kx-125 so I'm looking to find out what models are compatible i can also look up. Side question: does this float have a rubber tip or metal because mine is metal and i wanted to know if this is just worn or if it came off Cliffs: what models are compatible float needles, any make.
  4. I bought the bike yesterday. It is missing the carb throat slider and I can't find one. It appears to be 33mm so I'm hoping for some crossover parts from something since its mikuni. Here are some pics of what i am working with. I paid $125 for the bike so I'm happy with the project. The tires were worth it alone. Amazingly the cylinder bore is smooth and good to go. The rest of the bike is in pretty good shape for a 35 year old bike. I havent had a two stroke in a few years so adding to the pile will make for a fun addition. I'm very impressed with the big bore piggy back cantilevered rear mono shock and air valve front shocks on a 1982 model. It must have been a legend of a beast back then. Best i can tell a head swap would turn it into any size you wanted at the time. I do actually have the rear side plastics for it as well. Look like new. Quite amazing considering I've bought 8 bikes last year and only one has plastics. Lol.
  5. I have said bike and the 1976 piston looks almost identical short of the location of the side hole. Is there compatibility there or any other year pistons? I've been looking all over and there isn't a lot of info. I need rings and a piston for my bike. Many Thanks!!
  6. I was wondering if anybody knew the ohms value for the pick up Coil on a Honda Recon? Mine is a 250TE - 2003 but they don't seem to have changed them in the last 15 years across all the models from 250 to 650. I can't get it to start and everything else checks out. It's reading 344 ohms which should be too low compared to everything I've owned in the past. Though i have fire, it's not hitting at the right time and the timing marks seem to be on point.
  7. I have an 88 LT230 that 2nd and 3rd are out on. I can get 1, 4,5 and R to work fine. I've noticed some issues that point to the one way bearing having possible issues such as coasting at idle instead of at proper RPM. I was wondering if anyone has any info on wether or not the one way could be at fault or if there are common issues with the 2nd and 3rd gear bearing, dwell, cam, etc in these. Any ideas would be great. If I can avoid splitting the case I would like that, but probably will eventually.
  8. One1

    No Spark at all

    That is the pickup coil
  9. One1

    No Spark at all

    Spark starts at the pickup coil on the magneto. To troubleshoot properly you must start at the source. Verify the pickup is working.
  10. One1

    Help! Need a carb ttr90

    Rebuild the stock carb
  11. One1

    Building a black frame TTR

    I've been polishing the engine to go in this black frame. Should look really good in there. I have about three hours of polishing done probably three more to go
  12. One1

    Building a black frame TTR

    I really like the newer black frames on the later TTR bikes. I decided to build an older frame bike with the newer style. I started tonight here's a few pics of it. I'll update as it goes. This donor is an 04 I used a paint that resembles chrome for the swing arm The gold shock looks good on the black I did the airbox with flat Black. I did the forks high gloss black as well
  13. One1

    Free TTR 125 - the hard way

    Ruched leather. Look it up.
  14. One1

    Free TTR 125 - the hard way

    Final product. I'm done.
  15. One1

    Free TTR 125 - the hard way

    Thank you! My new Maier side plates in gloss black arrived today. I'm still getting used to them