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  1. crfro

    EFI plugs

    Thanks for the repsonse, the plugs worked great
  2. crfro

    EFI plugs

    I just bought a 2014 350 SXF, and it came with a couple of EFI plugs (Mild & Wild). Where do these plug into on the bike? Thanks
  3. crfro

    How to get more low down tourque on gas gas ec 250

    Widebear is correct. He is referring what is sometimes called "squish". Sometimes the parts get warped or worn after time, and a re-milling is need to bring in back to spec. Check these guys out: http://www.rb-designs.com/ they are very affordable and you'll be back on the scooter in no time with a smile on your face.
  4. crfro

    John's Peak in January?

    It's usually pretty good in the winter in J'ville...best to check the weather before ya head over.
  5. crfro

    D100 Poker Run Bottleneck Carnage

    The D100 seems to suprise people every year. It looks relatively flat....not the case at all, especially when you get further out. Good stuff!!!
  6. crfro

    pack it out

    Unfortunatley, this is pretty common....especially at the highly used areas. In my opinion: The Worst...Tahuya, the best ....Gifford. I agree, just pick up some the junk that others toss aside when you're out. Every little bit helps.
  7. crfro

    Buddy bikes

    Just saw this on the PDX Craigslist.... looks decent & fairly priced. Great 2nd bike to have around: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/mcy/2771166347.html Braaap
  8. Old: On Any Sunday New(er): Dust to Glory
  9. crfro

    Oregon Desert Singletrack

    Blindside- Is CB still open? I had heard or read that it was shut down. Great place to ride. Braaaap
  10. crfro

    Riding near Ocean Shores

    Anything cookin' at Straddleline? That's not that far from the OC....er, Ocean Shores.
  11. crfro

    Interesting info on Cycle Sports

    Looks like the River Road/Eugene Cycle Sports ate the big one. Drove by last night and a "For Lease" sign was on the bldg.
  12. crfro

    Interesting info on Cycle Sports

    Same owners, different store. The jets disaster happened at their Eugene store, which is on life-support now. I'm guessing it won't be long before they close the doors on it as well.
  13. crfro

    A wheelie good time in Boston

    That kid is a little Jeff Ward. Jimmy....how many takes on your wheelie? Loved the landmarks....Cheers, Fenway, the Waterfront...
  14. crfro

    this kid kills me

    Great video, BIG energy!
  15. crfro

    Baja 1000 2011 8x

    Does anyone have the link to follow along via radio? There was one a couple of years ago....cool to listen to while I was daydreaming at work! Good luck NW guys.