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  1. husky159

    Graphic adhesive

    i am going to try heat today. There is already a fair amount of sand behind the graphic so i hope it will still stick.
  2. Has anyone on here used a adhesive of some sort to attach a graphic that started peeling up? It is in a depression that I am not able to just cut off. Usually on a corner I just cut it off flush. I only got one ride on it and then washed and got water under it... i don’t feel like buying a new set so if anyone has any ideas on good adhesives that will last let me know. thanks
  3. husky159

    What is my problem?

    Thanks mark I'll look into it. The water fasting might be a little much for me but the ketogenic diet does make sense to me in ways.
  4. husky159

    What is my problem?

    Hey Guys I can't seem to budge my weight and wanted to see if anyone has some good insight. Here are my details as of this morning: 28 years old, 6'1", BMI 24.9 188.4lbs, 19% body fat, 77% muscle mass, 54.8% water, Goal of 185 16% body fat. The only problem is I'm stuck averaging 188 lbs and 19% body fat. I work out 6-7 days a week and eat pretty healthy. (completely quit drinking) I generally do 3 days of cardio, 3 days heavy lifting, and one day of lap swimming. I am eating a pretty high protein diet and have limited sugars and carbs to a minimum. Im not sure what I'm messing up on but i have been stuck at these measurements for about a month now. My plan is to stop lifting 30 days before my first race of the year and switch to cardio only. Has anyone been in my shoes and have some good advice on ways to remedy this? Thanks
  5. 17’ 300xc nothing too flashy but it’s all rebuilt and ready for another season
  6. husky159

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    Figure id start this forum up again.... Lower pipestone is looking decent train tacks down. Mostly dirt, some muddy sections. Im heading up to ride tomorrow and then the weather gets wet again. I think it should dry out quick though.
  7. husky159

    Montana... where is the dirt?

    Im going to head to pipestone tomorrow. Looks like mostly dirt from the tracks down, Im hoping it won't be to crazy muddy.
  8. husky159

    Montana... where is the dirt?

    thanks for the info i have not rode rockpile i might need to go check that out. This storm moving in looks like it id going to get just about all of the state so I'm sure that will set thinks back
  9. I'm sick of riding in the snow. Just wondering where in the state we don't have snow? anyone in the billings area know how Shepard Ah Nei is looking? Or if anyone else knows somewhere to head let me know
  10. husky159

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    I have no idea. I've been in Georgia for the last 10 weeks. Last time I rode was about September 16th and the Sacagawea Trail up there was already impassable with snow LOL. I'm on my way back to Bozeman right now so I will find out shortly. cool I'm going to try and get out sunday. I haven't decided if I want to put the studded tire back on or not 2 weeks ago i could still ride up over stoner ridge with no studs so I'm hoping its the same
  11. husky159

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    I don't stud but I intend on riding Pipestone over the next month Awesome do you know how much snow they have from the last snow storm they got?
  12. husky159

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    Anybody on here stud up and ride pipestone in the winter? Looking for more people to ride with that go all winter.
  13. husky159

    Pipestone and/or Radersburg Conditions?

    Im in shoot me a private message
  14. husky159

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    I just picked my 2017 300xc up and rode for 1 hour at 5000' - 7000' Obviously very rich. The carb was set up as follows: MAIN 440, NEEDLE 44-74, 3RD CLIP, IDLE JET 35 I will do most of my riding at 5000' - 7000' could someone help me out with somewhere to start? This is my first 2 stroke so Im all confused... Thanks much
  15. husky159

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    what elevation are you running at?