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  1. pjgen

    High Alt – No 3x3 Mod

    I just returned from Lake City, Colorado. I changed to a 130 main, as suggested on this forum. I took the bike to 12600 feet with no problems (Cinnamon Pass.) No other changes to needle, snorkel, or other jets. Be carefull and you wont need a new gasket or new mounting screws. Bike ran great.... Phil
  2. pjgen

    Jetting for 9000 ft

    2005 DRZ400S. Exhaust, jetting, and intake stock. Thanks for the input Okie1.. Phil
  3. pjgen

    Jetting for 9000 ft

    Going to Lake City, Colorado next month. (Near Durango). The elevation is around 9000 ft. What jetting, fuel screw, other fuel/air mods do I need for that elevation?... Phil
  4. pjgen

    End of break-in question

    Your clutch cable has stretched. This is normal for a new cable. There are two adjustments. One on the clutch lever, the large and small knurled knobs, and one on the cable itself, where the cable goes under the fairing. The clutch lever should not have more than 1/4 inch of play. The hesitation, on full throttle, is not normal. Check your air filter.... Phil
  5. pjgen

    Using manual clutch w Rekluse

    I have the Rekluse clutch. It totally eliminates low speed stalling. It does not feel exactly like the original clutch because, at low engine RPM, there is a lot of slack in the clutch lever cable, feels the same as original at high RPM. I use clutchless shifting at higher speeds, and haven't noticed any difference. ... Phil
  6. pjgen

    Need Comfort and Fit in a DRZ

    I use the Corbin seat. A couple inches lower than the gel. The Corbin is OK for about an hour, after that, your but starts to get tired if you sit a lot. If you use the Kuba links to lower the rear, you need to also lower the front or you will change the geometry, (make the bike slower in the front end response.) The bike, in my opinion, is heavy, and top heavy for hard core dirt riding unless you are big and strong. On the otherhand it has all the power and torque that you will ever need.... Phil
  7. pjgen

    05 DRZ400S - Stock Seat? Corbin? Gel?

    I like Corbin the best. Lowest and, in my opinion, most comfortable of the uncomfortable dual purpose seats. Downside is the cost.... Phil
  8. pjgen


    You shift the same way you did before. You can use the clutch lever or not, as you wish.
  9. pjgen

    Suzuki Gel or Corbin Seat

    I bought the Corbin. It is the lowest that I could find. Like it a lot.... Phil
  10. pjgen


    I have one on my 05 S. Have used it for about 500 mi., no problems. It comes with two different kinds of balls, light weight, and heaver weight. The ball selection determines how soon and how hard the clutch engages. You adjust it for your style of riding. I use the standard setup recommended by Rekluse. The primary thing that it does is allow you to get off of the throttle in tight, slow stuff without killing the engine, which keeps you from dropping the bike so much. If you are very good with the stock clutch lever you don't need it. I like it a lot. Easy to install. Rekluse people are very responsive, and great to deal with. Wheather or not is is worth the money is up to you.... Phil
  11. pjgen

    Chain Adjustment

    Where do you set your chain? When I set mine according to specs, I get chain rattle when I slide back on the seat. It may not be bad, just sounds bad.. Phil
  12. pjgen

    DRZ shop manuals

    I bought one from my dealer for $65
  13. pjgen

    Is a 400E or S Too Much for Me???

    I was in the same position as you are, I am 72 and had not ridden for 30 yrs. I bought a 400s mainly because I wanted to ride two up occasionally. I carry it on the back of a motorhome and use it for riding BLM roads, easy trails, and short trips to the store while on the road. The bike is very tall, very heavy, and a little slow handling in the tight stuff. As it comes, it is also geared to tall for slow trail riding. My advice would be to buy a 250. It will be lighter and easier to handle. If you are still set on the 400, here is what I did to make mine more tractable. 1. Corbin seat to lower the seat height, lowest seat that I know of. 2. Geared it down to 14/47 3. Big DR risers, not necessary unless you stand up a lot. 4. Rekluse slipper clutch. The best mod that I made! 5. And of course, skid plate and guards for both case sides. 6. Slid the triple clamp down an inch for a little quicker handling at slow speed. If you plan to ride in the mud, change the tires. They are good in the dry, useless in the wet. In my opinion if you are not going to ride two up, get a lower, lighter bike.
  14. pjgen

    drz 400s seat?

    Look at the Corbin seat. Lowers over 3". Not cheap.... Phil
  15. pjgen

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Retired computer systems analyst.... Phil