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  1. Ohio

    Cuyohoga county
  2. Ohio

    I agree the utv tracks get annoying, but I guess it builds rut-riding skills... Ive always been great at going through water. I dont mind puddles. Ive used that as an advantage in races, everyone goes around the water and I go right through it wide open
  3. Ohio

    Sweet, Ill have to check that out. I dont think ive ever been there because its far from me
  4. Ohio

    Its not that good of a track, i could've been my horrible suspension at the time but some of the jumps weren't right. The lips and landings were just wrong. Woods are much better there
  5. I usually just get a drill and drive a large srew right through the grip and bars. Stays on well Just kidding
  6. Ohio

    My bridgestone tires were really good in the mudholes there but when I tried the small track at bear creek it was like riding on ice
  7. For that much you can get a crf100 or xr100. MUCH faster, reliable, and better aftermarket Stick to the main brands, aka the real dirt bikes
  8. 125 2 stroke for sure. yz125's are just amazing bikes However a 125 isnt really ideal for enduro style trail riding(but you are mostly racing), for general trails it will be fine but a little twitchy You can look at the ktm150sx and 150xc also (2 strokes). If your budget allows it
  9. Exactly, a 250 2 stroke would destroy a 250f. 2 strokes are better. It would be fair that they use equal displacement instead of shunning 2 strokes for their major advantage.
  10. how about 250 2 strokes racing in 250 class and 450cc 2 strokes (i know they dont exist but it would be easy to make one) racing against the 450f's That show it should be, 2 strokes have a major power and weight advantage, let them have it. They wont because of EPA crap and 4 stroke sales would prettymuch end completely
  11. Here are the pictures. It doesn't touch the pipe although it is very close
  12. 125 2 strokes are often said to be the most fun to ride. They are also the cheapest to maintain. 250f will support a heavier rider (if your grow) and is easier to ride. Maintenance will be much more in time and money
  13. Is there a way to tell what position is stock? You dont have any issues or major discomfort?
  14. Yeah I am really considering that. i was also thinking about slipping something grippy over it Just the way the starter is positioned, you cant kick at a good angle and keep your foot on. gotta try one to understand ya know?
  15. So if I rotate it back a notch, will it hurt anything? Did it make it harder to start? Ill see if another stock lever will fit somehow. Im surprised nobody makes aftermarket ones, it would be a great idea