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  1. Mr.mudman112

    Coolant pouring out of overflow as soon as bike starts

    Sounds like bad head gasket, thinking maybe your exhaust gasses are getting through the gasket and into the cooling sleeves. Your lucky it’s a 2t! Just get a torque wrench and whatever size it is, pop the head off, old gasket out, Honda oem one in, torque head down and your good to go. Also those coolant caps should resist coolant release I believe to 12 psi, if the new ones a Chinese special, it could very well just let all the coolant out.
  2. Mr.mudman112

    No compression after rebuild

    Most likely bent a valve. You may have had the correct clearance, but I’m thinking maybe it was never seating right. As for adjusting, your going to adjust valves at tdc on compression stroke. As for timing, I usually do a fraction before T, possible to get a bit more power out of it. Next step I’d say is to pop the head off and check your valves. There’s a poor mans compression tester, stick your hand on the intake boot, and/or the other hand on the exhaust manifold, a suck or push means you’ve got compression! Keep us updated
  3. Mr.mudman112

    Smoky engine after rebuild + carb leak

    Some say dry fit it, I wouldn’t however. Remember those rings need time to seat, as your going through your break in period, I wouldn’t worry especially as it’s already clearing up! What make is the carb? Thinking mikuni or keihen, and whereabouts is the leak coming from?
  4. Mr.mudman112

    Cleaning core of 2T silencer?

    I’d rather just buy a slip on powercore2 shorty than find packing for the stock core
  5. Hi there. Was riding hard the other day on my 2002 Cr250, came home and the swing arm had a good amount of liquid carbon buildup. Cleaned it off, pull the silencer off, and took the core out, it was completely soaked in carbon. I have an FMF fatty good series pipe, with a stock Honda silencer (has the spark arrestor). So far I sprayed it down with quite a lot of brake clean, and sprayed it as best I could with compressed air, and let it drain out for the past 4 days. Was it ok to use brake clean? I heard some people use kerosene or oven cleaner, figured it’s all the same thing. Thanks.
  6. Mr.mudman112

    Possible Trap On Trail - Here's my story

    I’ve got more treehuggers throwing rocks at me and trying to pull me off my cr250 as I cruise by minding my own business. I’m not sure what gets into people when they see us riders, but they go mental! If the trail you were on was a common riding and hiker trail, I have no doubt it was placed there intentionally and whichever treehugger commie placed it there got what the we’re hoping for. Stay safe
  7. Mr.mudman112

    09 kx250f ticking noise

    Sounds like valve slap. Sure the clearances are good?
  8. Mr.mudman112

    Wtf is wrong yz250f leaking coolant

    Waters a good heat dissipator, the coolant keeps it from overheating when hot obviously or freezing during cold times. Maybe grab a jug of 50/50 premixed coolant and do the flush. As for the gasket, I’d check the head and make sure nothings warped on the mating surfaces, like jug or even the gasket material. Worst case ontario fork over the cash and ship it out to bondi, they’ll bore it out a bit bigger and send it back working perfect [emoji1305] that’s if you’ve the money to do so lol
  9. Mr.mudman112

    Wtf is wrong yz250f leaking coolant

    Chill out a**hole. This thread ain’t carbs 101. Bet you feel pretty clever going around correcting everyone when the mention chokes don’t ya[emoji23]
  10. Mr.mudman112

    Wtf is wrong yz250f leaking coolant

    How olds the coolant? Might be worth your while to get a coolant tester, they cost about 5$ or so, see how strong your coolant is to heat? Maybe change the coolant too.
  11. Mr.mudman112

    Wtf is wrong yz250f leaking coolant

    As soon as I richened the mix my coolant stopped leaking out and the temperature went to a regular level. Lean pretty much means too much air and rich is too much fuel. As I’m sure you already know, the choke deprives the carb of air making the mix richer and easier to ignite.
  12. Mr.mudman112

    Wtf is wrong yz250f leaking coolant

    I think we both may have had the same issue... When I had my old 2006 Yz250f it ran super lean and wouldn’t wanna run without choke. Turns out I needed a new fuel screw. When it runs that lean it can get incredibly hot... I think your coolant may be leaking out the overflow due to the extreme heat... is the bike abnormally hot? Start with your fuel screw, turn all the way in till snug, and back out 2 1/2 turns. Let us know
  13. Mr.mudman112

    JR50 kickstarter problem

    Open up the clutch side, there’s likely gonna be a gear that floats free(spins either way) that will connect the kickstart gear on the bendulum to the clutch/flywheel. Check that the spring on the bendulum is good, nothings sheared etc. Keep us updated
  14. Mr.mudman112

    Clutch problem, please help!

    Check the clutch cable, if that locking but shifts you can actually lose length to the cable, meaning not engaging completely. It’s happened on my old Yz250f and that solved it. But it also could be a worn clutch basket. Start simple first and try the cable, if it’s not that then I’d open up the clutch too
  15. Mr.mudman112

    Why does my bike rev to the moon when I kickstart it?

    Air screw probably needs a quarter turn out. Bikes running lean, idle high, hang, and run warmer (You’d feel the heat more on a 4t). That being said, take some quick starter fluid while the bike returns to its normal idle, and spray on the intake manifold. Revs going up means your boots cracked and there’s your problem. Hope this helps.