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  1. crwmac

    650L in Dakar?

    I guess I'm not so famoiliar with the R. I thought the pictures were of L's because I didn't see radiators.
  2. crwmac

    650L in Dakar?

    Take a look at this website. These are pictures of bikes in the 2004 Dakar race. It looks to me like some of the bikes are XR650L’s. Can it be???? http://www.pbase.com/ximog57/dakar_motos On another subject: These three Aussie’s who traveled across Australia on XR650L’s used "Acerbis 22 liter tanks." Does anyone know of a source for these tanks? The Acerbis website doesn’t list them when I do a search for tanks for the L. http://www.aussie2006.webset.co.nz/bikes.htm Mac
  3. No negatives. My friend and I both did Dave's mods on our 650L's. We run mostly in the woods near Houston at about 100 feet above sea level. We once had the bikes at 8000 to 9000 feet in Mexice and only noticed a slight loss of power at those altitudes. Of course that could be adjusted if we ran at those altitudes all the time. Mac
  4. crwmac

    XR650L and deep sand?

    Here in East Texas we ride sections of very deep loose sand. I’m talking sand that if you stop and spin the tire you will burry past your rear axle in about two seconds and need help to get out. With weight up front, the front tire plows and takes it’s own direction. The slower you go, the worse the effect. The only technique that I have found to allow control (with advice from more experienced Texas riders) is weight back as far as I can get it which means standing unless in a tight turn. In tight turns sit as far back as possible. That allows the front tire to float on the sand rather than plow. 12 to 15 lbs of air pressure, a soft suspension setting, and maintaining as much speed as possible also helps. I used to hate sand. Now, I only dislike it. Someday, I hope to enjoy it. Mac XR650L
  5. Just curious… I ride here in the East Texas woods so we rarely go very fast. …can’t hardly get out of third gear unless we hit the blacktop. You guys that ride so fast out in the desert, do you all use steering dampers? Seems like the XR’s would be very dangerous in the dirt at 70+ MPH without one??? Mac
  6. crwmac

    My Last Post

    Like the other guys who have responded, I have read the recent L vs. R posts and honestly, I never perceived any of it as angry or hostile. It struck me as good-natured bantering. It's all in the attitude. And besides, no matter what anybody says, everyone knows that L guys have bigger nads. Mac
  7. crwmac

    XRL Carb Drain Function (& gas drip).

    Thanks guys. I checked into the problem a little more last night. It's not dripping any more. It could have been slosh from the trip home or maybe the float valve was temporarily stuck. Mac
  8. After woods riding on Saturday, I noticed that my trailered XRL was dripping gas from one of the tubes that connects to the carburetor. Admittedly, I forgot to turn my gas valve off before the one-hour trip home. Still, it shouldn’t drip. My manual calls one of the tubes a “drain” and the other a “vent.” When I noticed this, I turned the gas off and the drip stopped. I also started the bike and it runs fine. I haven’t looked into this any further yet but tonight… Any tips? It sounds like maybe the float was stuck? I don’t understand the “drain” tube being connected at the very bottom of the carb. What is the function of that? What is the function of the “vent” tube? Thanks, Mac
  9. crwmac

    Cautious uncorking

    The stock jetting is designed for the stock airflow, which is restricted by the air box snorkel and the stock exhaust. You will need to rejet for a new level of airflow when you change the configuration of the air box and/or the exhaust system. The three items, intake, jetting, and exhaust need to be tuned as a system. If you rejet without changing the restrictive air box and exhaust system, you could end up with problems. If you do a lot of searching of this forum and read what is available on 4strokes.com you will find out what configurations have worked for others. I am no expert, but I followed the 4strokes.com (Dave and Brian) procedure with anew BigGun "Quiet Series" exhaust system, and had great results. The BigGun Quiet Series is a little louder than stock, but not bad, and it meets US Forrest Service sound requirements. Mac
  10. crwmac

    Xr650L jetting with a big gun, anyone?

    The BD smog block-off kit will also help reduce the popping. The smog block-off kit blocks the ports that allow air into the exhaust manifold for more complete burning of unburned fuel in the exhaust (pop, pop). Mac
  11. You might want to keep it in case you unexpectedly become concerned about Spotted Owls or something. Mac
  12. crwmac

    650L carb opinions needed

    A friend and I recently completed the Dave and Brian carb mods with excellent results. We both recently purchased new 05 XRL's. We are near sea level in Houston, Texas where it gets very hot. The following was our recipe: 55 Pilot 165 Main Stock needle shimmed.026" Slide holes enlarged to 5/32." 2.25 turns out on the mixtue screw. Big Gun, EVO "Quiet Series" complete system. K&N high flow filter. Snorkle removed. We get an instant start, smooth idle, and excellent throttle response throughout the range and checking the plug indicates a good mixture. So far we are very happy with the mods. Thanks Brian and Dave! Mac
  13. crwmac

    55 pilot length

    Check out the recent thread "XR650L Carb Plastic." Your pilot jet question is answered there. Mac
  14. crwmac

    XR650L Carb. Plastic

    Thanks Dave! I will check out the baffle as you suggest. Mac
  15. crwmac

    XR650L Carb. Plastic

    Same here. The stock one was shorter. It was below the level of the pilot housing in the carb. The new one came up flush with the housing as shown in the picture on 4strokes.com. I figured it was OK since it matched the picture. Mine runs fine but I am also interested to know if there is a potential problem. XRL_Dave ??? How long is long??? Mac