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  1. I agree if you have access to the tooling then go for it, but there is no reason to make it that complicated unless you plan on blowing out your neighbors ear drums. Screw box together Seal seams with silicone Cover with carpet I guarantee you will never see or hear the difference. http://www.bcae1.com/spboxnew2.htm
  2. Nosebag

    Murder in Capitol Forest

    There are some very sketchy individuals that hang out in CF. I never wander around in there without a .270 or a buddy.
  3. Ive done 3 with a skil saw, jigsaw, and a power drill. If you have access to at least that you could whip one out in 30 minutes.
  4. Screw those prebuilt boxes, build your own. For about $45 you get all the goodies the box you wanted in the first place.
  5. Nosebag

    Does a pipe change = re-Jetting

    Your engine pulls a vacuum in the intake at partial throttle openings. Since the float bowl is vented to the atmosphere there is a pressure difference which pulls fuel from the bowl into the intake. When you add a pipe, bore, or stroke the engine, it will move more air, which increases the vacuum. Unfortunately the air/fuel ratio tends to change as well. The same thing happens with air density as the air temp cahnges. At WFO vacuum drops off which is why people typically go with a bigger main.
  6. Nosebag

    How to align the rear axle correctly?

    Take a straight edge and hold it flat against the rear sprocket, aim directly at the front sprocket.
  7. Yes and no. Like KJ said, its not necessarily backpressure. You do want a certain amount of restriction in the stinger to keep the pressure wave from blowing out, but restrict it too much and you get an exhaust system that wont flow enough, along with the possibility of burning a hole in the dome. Take a look in your silencer endcap. You will probably find a ring welded in about 1/4" from the outlet. Many refer to this as a backpressure ring. Its there because most manufacturers use standard id tube for their silencers and its simply more economical to weld in a ring to get optimal "backpressure" than it is to use a custom id tube for every application.
  8. Nosebag

    Dirt Jump Spec's and Dimensions

    Generally, I build ramps with the transition about 2.5x longer than the total height. Start small, focus on making smooth trasitions, and youll quickly learn whats right and wrong. Also, I used to hand muck bmx jumps and it flat sucked. Id give you about 3 days before you give up and rent a bobcat.
  9. Nosebag

    Changing timing chain '90 XR80

    What he said ^. But I hear if youre tricky, you can pull the seal and fish it through the hole around the shaft.
  10. Nosebag

    How in the Hell...

    Any place in particular? Most of the dealers I have tried do go through Parts Unlimited, but cant order the parts because the Kibblewhite part numbers arent in the system.
  11. ...do I get my grubby mitts on some Kibblewhite valve guides? Every place I try is either dealer direct only, or cant cross reference part numbers for items they dont regularly carry. I've gone through KPMI's distributor list, local dealers, online retailers, and came up with jack ****. I'm going to call Web Cams or Powroll on Monday. If I dont get an order in by then I wont know what to do. If you know how to get less-than-popular Kibblewhite parts then post up. If you think you know or want to play the guessing game then please don't bother.
  12. Nosebag

    Trans pics, need input.

    Having never ridden the bike before the teardown, I don't know how it performed. I want to put this thing together without any problems down the road, and without spending too much. So far it looks like ill be replacing 1st and 5th since the dogs engage between those two. Thanks for the input so far.
  13. What would you replace? These are from the countershaft of a 98 RM250. I split the cases due to an unrelated problem and discovered what you see below. 5th is a no brainer due to the busted dog, but what do you think of the rest? AND is it necessary when replacing gears to replace corresponding drive and driven gears as a set? 1st gear 5th gear 2nd gear 4th gear
  14. Nosebag

    Truck tires/ Tirerack

    Get pricing info from internet stores, then go deal with the tire store.