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  1. Kurlon

    Aftermarket carb for '78 YZ 400

    I'm a fan of Tech Elevated Smart Carbs, I'm sure you could dial in a modern Keihin PWK as well.
  2. Kurlon

    1994 yz250

    One thing to bear in mind: The base timing for the different year YZ/WR250 CDIs in that period differs. As an added bonus, Yamaha doesn't stamp the CDI PN on them so you can't verify what year they're for by looking at them. I have a 92 WR250 with no idea where it's timed thanks to this fun.
  3. Kurlon

    Removing stubborn dowels

    Heat plus extractor shank plus vice grips after a healthy does of penetrating oil did the trick. Thanks!
  4. Kurlon

    93 yz250 help

    So... part of me wants to believe this as it means I could stroke my motor easily... do you have any references to post 99 (current gen YZ250) cranks in the prior gen (88 to 98) cases?
  5. Kurlon

    93 yz250 help

    That's part of the mechanism that operates the powervalve, without it the valve is just kinda floating around uncontrolled. You should be able to order a new one OEM from Yamaha.
  6. Kurlon

    Removing stubborn dowels

    I've got a 25 year old YZ250 cylinder with locating dowels that do not want to come out. Is there a trick to removing them that doesn't involve wrecking the cylinder?
  7. Kurlon

    1992 yz 250 jug info needed

    Yeah, I've no idea what that's from either. I've got a 91, 92 and 94 jug, nothing that matches what you've got.
  8. Kurlon

    1992 yz 250 jug info needed

    Talk to Kustom Kraft, he's doing bores that large on that gen motor.
  9. What's the proper method for removal and installation of the 6 head studs on this gen cylinder? I'm thinking of using stud removal sockets but I can't find any 7mm ones which I believe the studs to be?
  10. That's actually pretty disappointing to see, I'm hitting 49hp at the rear wheel with a 92 265 setup. I shouldn't be comparing dynos against each other but still, expected the 325 to be mid to upper 50s.
  11. Kurlon

    Old frame, new motor?

    How's power valve compatibility over the years? The 92 unit is no longer shipping, the 94 assembly is $200 at RMATV and on back order, the 98 is $150 and 1 in stock...
  12. Kurlon

    Old frame, new motor?

    Millennium was involved in the last cylinder, via Eric Gorr and Forward Motion. I'll likely be having EG bore / port the replacement cylinder as well as it ripped when it ran. Plus, my powervalve is ground for a 70mm bore anyways so... someone's boring that puppy.
  13. Kurlon

    Old frame, new motor?

    Heh, by definition any cylinder I get is beyond it's lifespan at this point. That said, when dealing with Millennium Tech for example they were not willing to make judgements based on pics alone and I don't blame them there.
  14. Kurlon

    Old frame, new motor?

    There are a 92 and 94 cylinder on eBay, both need bore repair. Any reason to get the 94 over the 92? The 94 has one exhaust arm cover bolt broken off but that should be easy enough to drill out and helicoil if required.
  15. Kurlon

    Old frame, new motor?

    Cylinder has been declared dead, the exact phrase was it's only suitable for "recycling into beer cans." Now to decide what I'm going to do with this project... try and rebuild, try and shoehorn in a newer motor or punt to a modern thumper.