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  1. theBIGnaud

    250exc head mismatch?

    The head should only go one one way if you have the cylinder head engine mount bolted to the frame. Was that installed? I believe the bolt pattern COULD be equal making it possible to install the head clocked the wrong position, which would explain the sludge build up. The mashed outer o-ring is suspect. The sludge build up could have come from fuel mix and exhaust leaking in the coolant..
  2. theBIGnaud

    Moving to CA

    Whatever dude, glad i don't live in your neighborhood.
  3. theBIGnaud

    Kdx 200 plug after 3 days

    Black sooty generally means Rich mixture. Three days isn't the best gauge. My plugs come out cleaner after about 5-6; 1-2 hour rides. The best gauge is to warm the bike up. Let it cool to replace the plug, then ride until the bike gets warm again, Do 1 or 2 balls out passes and shut it off. DONT OVER HEAT. No Idling..Then check the plug. Be care full not to bugger up the threads when the engine is too warm The best gauge is how the bike responds to the different throttle positions. All positions should have predictable, responsive power. No lugging when in proper gear, no mid throttle surging power. You can get more power by leaning out the complete mixture, be careful when it is too hot or low altitude.. Lower inland elevations need more jet tinkering throughout the year because of drastic changes in heat.
  4. theBIGnaud

    Moving to CA

    I meant like, in the neighborhoods. Pretty much everything is paved over, or fenced off. For example i live in a town of 300, surrounded by farm land in CA.
  5. theBIGnaud

    Moving to CA

    Yeah, no riding there. Maybe way north you can get away with it. But not here. There are a few public and private tracks.
  6. theBIGnaud

    Moving to CA

    Yeah there seems to be too much focus on fringe ideals. The more I talk with people one on one (not internet) the more I find people don't identify with the Ultra liberal points of view. Too narrow in scope. Too exclusive. I tend to forget all about it when riding..
  7. theBIGnaud

    Moving to CA

    There are still plenty of places to ride. I live in the Sutter county and don't have near as much trouble riding in northern CA as i have had in the lower Bay Area. There are a much better assortment of public (county and federal) lands that are still open In northern Ca. If your neighbor private property, asking to ride isn't a big deal as most of road sand trials are common access. Lots of unpaved roads where you can operate OHVs.
  8. Wow. That was a hack job.
  9. Usually the best option. If you can't, fight back until you can and GTFO your bike. I almost never stop and talk.
  10. I can identify with this. Been job hopping for a long time because of lil kids at work.
  11. theBIGnaud

    Red Bull Romaniacs 2018

    Taking that course like pro, while narrating!
  12. theBIGnaud

    rumor has it...

    Good golly that's cute.
  13. theBIGnaud

    Possible Trap On Trail - Here's my story

    It could have possibly been a poorly made obstacle. You may have hit it from the wrong direction.. I had a friend hit a fire road dirt and log wall going the wrong direction. He totaled the quad and was lost in the mountains for about 12 hours. He eventually found the camp cause i had made a huge fire and set all the car alarms off.
  14. theBIGnaud

    Main bearings

    Any other advice? Hear bare cases in electric oven 200 ish degrees.
  15. theBIGnaud

    Preparing to ride Pismo/salt water

    Blow of bike and spark plug galley with compressed air. Blow out air box and clean filter. Rinse, complete.