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  1. Ark welded steel frames. Tig welded steel frames are lighter. Chromoly is the lightest of "steel" based materials. Still lighter are aluminum, but fatigue resistance falls off after years of use. Frame flex is desirable is some applications, tubular steel provides very little flex in most applications.
  2. Yeah a 1000 is about right.
  3. Yes, more black, the only color that suits this ravaging demon.
  4. All dreams come true as you ride into eternal glory.
  5. I typically replace helmets every 2 years. I wash mine about the rate that you do. The softer the foam or padding initially, the faster it breaks down.
  6. I have had the same pair of Oneal's for about 8 years. I wash them out every so often. They are not water proof past the mid ankle. They provide enough room for articulating knee and shin guards. The buckles have held up. They are not confutable to walk in. The soles have held up. The shifting boot has a lot of wear. They look like hell. They do need replacing soon. I think i payed about 130 for them. Not bad for 8 years.
  7. Bummer man. I feel your pain. As a mechanic have had lots of stuff stolen from me. A lot of which was "friends" or shady neighbors. One time my old roommate's ex roommate asked to stay with us for a couple days before leaving for school. The local tweeker in the apt complex stole his car, with all his stuff packed up, because he was leaving that next morning. We made a police report and started looking around town and put up some reward ads on social media. Some friends eventually found it that evening on a highway overpass. The &%$#@! had burned up the clutch. The only things that were missing was his cd case. The tweeker showed up a few days later after my friend left, asking about him. My friend and i told him to stay the hell alway from us cause he was a POS. Later he stole a dirt bike from somewhere. I called the cops and they recovered it cause he abandoned it in the car port with oil everywhere. It was a bad situation. Anyway. Most things are stolen by people in you general area, thats where i would look first.
  8. I would take a look at a manual but the stator should line up somewhere at 10* Before TBC
  9. The reeds should have no gap. I would start there first and then take a closer look at your carb. The idle circuit could be gummed up. Clean filter? Throttle cable not binding? Start with the simple stuff.
  10. "diamond hone"
  11. Go up two teeth in the rear. JT sprockets are quality and affordable.
  12. Yeah, your piston is scorched. I HIGHLY recommend my previous post.
  13. Cylinder looks passable but the ring witness marks and lack of crash hatching are bit concerning. Do the leading edges of the rings look hammered over? It might be time for a few diamond hone cleanup passes. Your piston on the other hand is ready to be tossed. Looks like your combustion temps are Very high as you have piston discoloration AND have A LOT of burned soot on your piston. Excessive blow-by past the rings is evident. Piston skirt looks worn causing piston knock or rattle. Soot or carbon build up along with increased combustion temps will undoubtedly cause hot spots and preignition. I think these are the sounds you are hearing. Look into jetting.. Rk might have some recommendations. I think you caught this just in time.