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  1. But wah abut mah freedumbs?
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  3. Without a work order signed by you and him no. He can’t do anything. (US)
  4. If you bought it, prep it ready for cylinder. I would split it and clean inspect replace parts needed like the crank/rod/piston pin/bearing. Get a head pipe and carb and wait for some guy with a grenaded transmission to sell his jug.
  5. Changed my plastics to black. Avoid cliquey gang bangs at the local riding hole.
  6. Lean the bike over and take the cover off. Is the the pivot or mechanism inside going into the case bent/blocked. Spring come out of place?
  7. Adjust your clutch
  8. Get a new ring ring ($15) and put it in the bore. If you can see soild daylight OR broken light more than 25% between the pistons ring and the bore I would highly advise toy to wait and get it replated. It’s fall. You got lots of yards to clean.
  9. Why is this website so eggy?
  10. Typically an out of round limit spec is .001 in. I think that .02mm is fine. The smaller the cly bore the tighter the spec. Did you see what the old ring looked like in the bore by its self? This could tell you what’s happening.
  11. They were doing this back in the 70’s there are much better options. Yes the additives differ, no it’s not made for a wet clutch box. But you know what is? ATF.
  12. Acerbis is the best in my opinion, they usually have full kits and I haven’t had them get destroyed yet
  13. Terrible news.
  14. Yay electrical tape for the win!
  15. Lol! My internet manhoodz has been bruised. You didn’t build any of that shit. Nor do you have the money to. This is probably you trashing some blue circle shit pile. anyways, every off road enthusiast knows the gassers are the only way to go off road. Diesels just pull your trailer queen to the jerk off show. I don’t hear any diesels in the following vid