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  1. Yeah I’ve looked all I can. It says to use the black wire and that it doesn’t have a pin on the lean sensor itself. That’s not the case with my bike. It does have a pin on the lean sensor. I need to know what it does and if i am even able to access the “co” mode on this year.
  2. Yeah I read all of that and it says to remove the black wire because it is not linked to any pin in the lean sensor. My black wire is linked to a pin. I cannot currently access the “co” menu. I’m unsure what disconnecting that part of the wire to the lean sensor will do. Perhaps there is a wiring diagram. I’m trying to get my hands on a factory Yamaha manual. I’m in the US, so maybe there is now a different button combo to access the “co” menu? I really haven’t been able to find much info. I’m wondering if maybe someone with a 2018-2019 has had a similar experience?
  3. Well if that was a real thing, it doesn’t exist on the 2020. I don’t have a way to access it. I guess I’m gonna have to get a power commander.
  4. Great! Thanks for the information! I like the tps thread at the end “hey wait, is this a tps report?” Lol[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. I’m thinking about a power commander, fmf, ejk, etc. Or an ecu tune (not sure if that’s even possible on this bike). I’m just looking for a smoother throttle. I’ve adjusted the clutch and cable and it just seems like the throttle response isn’t as smooth as it could be. I’ve had a power commander on a couple street bikes and I was happy with the outcome. Anyone’s thoughts, ideas, tips, experience greatly appreciated. I’m keeping the exhaust stock for now. But may do a slip-on later. I heard that removing AIS, EXUP help the throttle response some, but that you don’t want to do that without fuel management.
  6. Oops... I didn’t mean to post this here. How can i remove it?
  7. Here’s a lame video I did of riding a short trail at my local riding area. I’m on stock street pressure, with the death wings still on and stock gearing... no hang guards yet either.
  8. I’ve owned a few different bikes and ridden them on/off road. So far this is my favorite dual sport. It’s not perfect and stock settings aren’t ideal for single track, but you can cruise around and have some fun. I do. I can’t wait to get better sprocket size and tires on it (so it’s a little bit better at the off-road).
  9. Work in progress... waiting for parts...
  10. I think that about myself sometimes... getting worse... maybe it’s age...
  11. Thanks for the advice. I don’t really stall a lot... but currently I have stock gearing and stock suspension settings (so on our test ride I did stall a couple times, I also seem to have a habit of stalling a critical moments). I also haven’t gotten to ride in the last two years so.... yes my technique can always use improvement... as could all of ours hopefully (I think if we quit learning, we should quit riding). [emoji482] cheers!
  12. Ok, I was also curious in a worst case scenario where I stall on a technical uphill and have someone behind me... so no real way to roll start.
  13. Is this with rim locks and tubed tires? Just curious if anyone had experimented with balanced tires... if rims locks make a difference... etc.
  14. I have a wr250r and it has a 12v lead coming off the battery (on the left, shifter side of the bike). It jumps up to 14v with the bike on. I can’t find any mention of it in the manual. I was hoping maybe it was some kind of accessory option for jumping a battery on the trail... but was thinking it’s probably just a battery tender option. Anyone have any experience with this? Has anyone used a power bank for charge or jump a dead battery on the trail? Or has anyone used one of those tiny jump boxes (or possibly charged one and used one, in an adventure bike scenario)... any help thoughts experience with this and jumping a dead battery on the trail would be appreciated. I’m just thinking of worst case scenario this is my first e-start bike. My riding buddy and I were coming up with scenarios on a test ride earlier tonight. Looks like this...
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