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    motocross, movies, girls... not the problems they bring...
  1. moto216

    New shock springs

    Haha yeahhh... its been a while lol. It's a black coil, the guy that rebuild my shock said it wasnt the stock spring, and he does like 23249269999.7 rebuilds / revalves a year so i trust his word lol.
  2. moto216

    New shock springs

    Hey guys, I own a 2005 KX 250 (love the thing), crashed pretty bad last year in July... Been workin out a lot and put on about 15-20 pounds since last year and my bike bottoms pretty hard now, I don't like it at all lol. Took my shock to get rebuilt last week and the guy said they weren't stock springs which means they must be softer than stock, since I weigh about 195 I know they're not heavier springs. I guess my question is, is there any place I could get a good deal on some new shock / fork springs if i exchange mine? Anybody tried different brands than the main like Factory Connection and had good results? Any chance there is somebody out there who weighs like 160 and has stock or heavier springs? Thanks guys, if any of you have a connection somewhere PM me!
  3. moto216

    A, B, C..Classes?

    Just different parts of the country, like "soda" and "pop". A = Expert B = Intermediate C = Novice D = Beginner (some places don't have a D class though).
  4. moto216

    3m clear bra

    Hmm... I need to get my girlfriend one of those lol
  5. moto216

    Isanti County Fair Motocross Race??

    when is this?
  6. moto216

    Minnesota Motorcycle Junk Yard

    Bristows has the "Bone Yard". Idk what's out there really, only been out there once or so but there's usually TONS of stuff.
  7. Yea I might be there on thursday, depends when i get my truck!
  8. moto216

    MN MX May 24: Staples or Springcreek ?

    I'll be heading up there tomorrow, probably not with my bike though, dont get my truck until like thursday or so. Plus i gotta save $$ for a down payment so... can't be spending $200 this weekend lol. Good luck to ya kevin! See ya on thursday at ERX maybe?
  9. moto216

    Monticello MN Harescrambles

    Anybody know where I can find pics from yesterday? I doubt they'd be up yet but just wondering, thanks!
  10. moto216

    Monticello MN Harescrambles

    I have a quick question... I have a PC R304 on my bike, clearly not a woods friendly SA I don't think, and I also have a pretty much brand new stock silencer on my bike.. Any way I could rig somethin up and be able to race? I just wanna try out the X class! and I THINK my bike would pass sound testing, the silencer is brand new and my R304 was just freshly packed also, like 1 ride hour ago.
  11. moto216

    Farming the gate/making ruts

    Yeah packing it down, filling in your rut and packing that... That's farming.
  12. moto216

    Farming the gate/making ruts

    Farming is in front of the gate, most places don't let you do that.
  13. Anybody have a clue? I was gonna email them but they wont write back on a sunday anyway, so i figured I'd check here to see if anybody has experience with them.
  14. This might sound like a pretty dumb question lol, but bear with me. Okay I was looking at these springs, read the review on TT and everything and I can't decide... I know they're "rising rate" but don't they have different options for heavier/lighter riders? I'm trying to go about stiffening up my KX 250, but rather than spending $120 on kayaba springs I figured I'd give these a shot, but have no idea what kind of weight they're designed for? This is what I'm talking about: http://www.mergeracing.com/store/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=RRS-MXSX-KYB Also... I'm about 175 pounds, aggressive mid-pack B rider speed, trying to decide on spring rates. What do you guys think? I bought my bike used so it's already set up, but it's for a lighter rider so I just plan on changing out the springs and then working with the clickers. Thanks for any info / suggestions!
  15. moto216

    06 250 Hrs. before top end rebuild

    Is that with a mix of 110/93? Or just straight 93 pump gas?