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  1. Ruben Ruben

    64.66 HP DRZ400

  2. Ruben Ruben

    Drz fork upgrade

    today i just bought a 48mm wp fork from ktm 660 smc with triples, front wheel, 320mm disck and everything for 300 euro.it was a steal offer so i pushed the trigger.i will let you know the difference from stock sm front and if it was worth it once they are on my bike.cant wait for my 4 pot brembo caliper + yamaha r6 master cyl setup.
  3. Ruben Ruben

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    mt. penteli greece
  4. Ruben Ruben

    Drz fork upgrade

    better go with ktm, husa or husqvarna forks becouse they support better brakes if you wanna go sm.i made my bike 450cc with lots of compression and it became a fun bike but brakes and front suspension sucks.i got my sm forks all way to stiff on bound and when i hit the brakes front goes all the way in plus the front caliper its not cappable to handle the new power i got a brembo 4 pot from a ktm but i need 200+ euro to make an addapter for our showa forks and i expect 400+ euro to replace springs and build them for my taste. i can find wp48mm forks arroud 250-300 euro so for me i think thats the cheapest option with brake upgrade as well. for the rear shock you can use a drz400sm shock and make the preload stiff to your liking
  5. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    thnx a lot for that site.btw im using 100 oct gas i dont know if its real 100 but its highter than 98
  6. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    thnx dude i will keep trying. the bike pulls so good i can feel the difference between 434 and this 450 build even with 50% throttle its day and night .Also its sounds like a "real" 450.Im so happy cant wait to fix it and go for a ride.I got one question tho is there any problem with my 13:1 compression and the auto decompression from hotcams because i had read something about hotcams but dont remember
  7. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    i just went for a small ride around my house ticking increases when you give throttle.Except from that bike runs fine
  8. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    i think this might be the case i will try tomorow update: it wasnt this im lost even more now
  9. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    can it be water pump ??? i removed the water pump cap yesterday just to check if its okey.. i used a screwdriver tip to touch cylinder head, cylinder and clutch cap and i used the handle as "earphone" to find from where the sound came from and it was from right bottom end
  10. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    i only changed cylinder and piston nothing else. i always reset the tensioner and check the chain to be tight i really dont know whats going on there... i checked also the piston for slapping but its good im lost there
  11. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    look guys what i found i fixed that by putting the chain slider into the green spot so i put everything together then started the bike and sound its the same but a bit better check this video i used my hand to mute the exhaust so you can hear the sound better also i noticed that when i give throttle the sound fades for a second
  12. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    i had the bike before at 434 this sound is new to me. the sound comes from the bottom right side of the engine. its possible to install cam chain guide wrong ?I double checked vavles 0.25 EX 0.10 IN with old hot cams. i uploaded my timming marks also. bike sounds powerful i gave it a small blip to check the ticking sound damn cant wait to go for a ride
  13. Ruben Ruben

    strange noise in fresh build engine

    bump new video after i re-installed auto cam chain tensioner (it was stucked...) but you can hear more clearly the tik tik sound
  14. hello guys i finally build myself the 450bb engine.I was so happy when the bike started but i noticed there is a ticking sound do you guys think its valves, timing chain or something else ??
  15. Ruben Ruben

    sheng wey carb is nightmaire

    hello guys im having a serious problem with a sheng wey carb 22mm the carb is for cb175 i think its a clone for keihin PW 22mm. the engine that i use the carb is a yamaha 110cc from a crypton r 115 all stock except a pod filter to the carb the stock carb for that engine was a mikuni 16mm with 85 main and 35 pilot but its damaged and i found that chinese carb very cheap now im trying to make that carb work correct but i cant... after lots of tests i found that 86 main jet gives the best top speed from my jet range(80-98) pilot jet is stock(35 tor 40 i think it doesnt say the number) and needle is at second clip and air screw its 1 1/2.bike looks a bit lean but it has the best top speed from all jets! also i think that 86 main looks small for a 22mm carb since 85 was for 16mm. im very confused with this carb i cant make it work correct. what do you guys recommend for pilot jet size and main jet ??isnt 86 main jet small ?