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  1. PaiNLeSS

    Springs to stiff!!!

    I just browsed the MCR website and it appears they've a sweet operation going on there. The logical thing to do would to be call MCR, who did the suspension work, and tell them you have acquired a bike that was owned by * insert name *, and I can almost promise you they'll hook you up with everything you need to know Nice looking bike, btw. I love Yamaha 2-Strokes...
  2. PaiNLeSS

    Changing for ksprings/06 YZ 250

    Great description/instructions, dude!
  3. PaiNLeSS

    Which way is up ?

    LOL! Pictures or notes for sure, my mind-index is fried, it's a travesty how quickly I bring a project to a screeching halt, because I once again tried to rely on memory...
  4. PaiNLeSS

    '04 yz250f, Need help please.

    The ass end of your bike might be setting a little too low. Your sag now is 1.5" free, and 4.5" race ( with rider ). Adjust your shock spring to get closer to 1" and 4". Set your shocks rebound at about 6 clicks out and see how that works out. Adjust from there. If the sensation of your bike wanting to toss you over the bars is ridiculous, the nitrogen may have dumped into the shock body making nothing work. To include rebound dampening, of course.
  5. PaiNLeSS

    Which way is up ?

    It's hard to tell which are your mid valve and rebound shims, so here's a damn good thread with awesome pic's by member theDogger... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=390319
  6. PaiNLeSS

    Which way is up ?

    Post your valve-stack's and I'll tell ya' !
  7. PaiNLeSS

    Which way is up ?

    That's upside down. The other side should be facing the spring-cup. The large dia of the spring goes in the spring-cup also, small dia on the checkplate washer.
  8. PaiNLeSS

    suspension shopping

    MB1's prices are just over the top! Gawd, those dudes are expensive. I suppose you can help finance their race effort by using them. Kyle Partridge and Daniel Sani will appreciate it, I'm sure.
  9. PaiNLeSS

    Best method to align front end???

    Describe the problem...
  10. PaiNLeSS

    Best method to align front end???

    Here's a link to Moto-Pro's front end and axle alignment page. http://www.moto-pro.com/files/shoptips/front_axle_alignment.pdf
  11. PaiNLeSS

    07 450sxf shock springs??

    Well, the SRSP 6326P30 is KTM's big boy spring. It's got a big range though, something like for a 190 - 250 pound rider. I do know this though, the MPSPPDS3 is a hugely popular spring with the 200 pound + riders. It almost has its own cult following.
  12. PaiNLeSS

    recomend 06 KYB suspension fliud

    Three +-, buy four and you'll have some to play around with oil levels, or for when you need some thin oil that's slick as hell.
  13. PaiNLeSS

    03' CR250/Spring Change in Forks??

    I you found working on the KTM forks easy, the Showa's will be even easier. Here's a pretty good post that was stickied over on the CRF450R forum. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=373271
  14. PaiNLeSS

    recomend 06 KYB suspension fliud

    Absolutely, Amsoil Shock Therapy 5W for forks and shock. If you're feeling frisky, use the AMSOIL Synthetic ATF 5W for the volume fluid ( outer chamber oil ). Don't worry, the volume oil is only for lubricating, and to some degree, bottoming resistance. Both of which the Amsoil Synthetic ATF 5W can easily handle. Btw, the Amsoil 5W Suspension Fluid is called " Light ", and the medium is actually the 10W. Use the light ( 5W ) of course.
  15. PaiNLeSS

    recomend 06 KYB suspension fliud

    I've become a pretty rock solid AMSOIL user. There's no guess work with AMSOIL, everything you wanna use is at the very least as good as the best you've found, but there's a more than probable chance that the AMSOIL is better. If you're like many of us who change fluids regularly, consider joining AMSOIL's Preferred Customer Program. $20 every six months to join the program, and you'll make that $20 bucks back in savings quick. I usually buy the AMSOIL Shock Therapy 5W 12 quarts at a time, @ $7.15 a quart If you're one of the dudes that like to use ATF in the outer chamber, you can have some awesome AMSOIL Synthetic ATF @ $6.50 a quart when you purchase 12 quarts. 12 quarts Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil @ $6.35 a quart. This is NOT A PLUG. You can use AMSOIL or not use AMSOIL, doesn't matter to be. Just passing on a good thing