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    I'm at a loss for words.....

    I don't buy new plastic's if I get a scratch on them but I do keep my bike clean,and my gear also looks pristine thanx to my sponsors RR and Streight Edge helmet art LOL,just good friends.5honey who needs shrouds take them off you will go faster no wind resistance LOL. [ September 28, 2002, 06:30 PM: Message edited by: h bomb ]
  2. h_bomb

    I'm at a loss for words.....

    Like to keep mine spotless,wash it after every ride,and my gear,then I go whip ass on the people that thank I'm a poser at the track.
  3. h_bomb

    Confused YZ250, CRF450, YZ450F

    I agree with coreya,03 CR250 toss a 50 on the rear your ready to race excellent sus stk.Some of the 03 YZ 250's are having crank problems the pin is breaking causing them to lock up,don't think theres a recall yet. [ September 27, 2002, 06:55 PM: Message edited by: h bomb ]
  4. Sorry to here about this tragic loss,my prayers go out to the family.He helped me out a few times when I had my 02 YZF 426,he will be missed.
  5. h_bomb

    McGrath Injured on Ktm

    That sucks I wanted to see him at the US open,I don't think he will make it.
  6. h_bomb

    Now Bike is Here!!!!!

    The praire pickup is a forward air terminal just drive to security and he will tell you were to park,they will bring it out on a forklift,they will load it for you it will fit in a truck bed I used my toyota tacoma with the bed down and ran a tie down across the back so it wont slide out thats it,you can't uncrate it there,take it home uncrate it put the bars and frontwheel on add oil bothsides and ride.
  7. h_bomb

    Now Bike is Here!!!!!

    Hopefully you don't have to wait in a line like me it took almost 2 hours before they got to me,I guess it's worth the wait.I've bought 3 bikes from Zach.
  8. h_bomb

    Now Bike is Here!!!!!

    Were you pick it up at on praire.
  9. h_bomb

    misfiring yz 450, anyone else?

    MadMike why did you go with the yz450.
  10. I just took a look at mine there was some dust in the boot,so I took it apart and siliconed it really good,by the way I have a 03 CR250.
  11. h_bomb

    Selling My 02

    Put it in the cycle trader you should get 5,300 for it.I sold mine for 5,000 but it was brand new and a Canadian model,some people don't like to mess with the canadian title.I had mine forsale for 5,400 and got calls but they wanted a California pink slip,I didn't care I paid 4,700 for it,and I got the bike I wanted a 03 CR250 from Canada for 4,700. [ September 08, 2002, 08:59 AM: Message edited by: h bomb ]
  12. I sent you an email let me know if you still need people.
  13. Did you pay the sales tax or make up some B.S story.thanx for the info maybe I will register my 03.
  14. How long ago,and which DMV,I've tried with no luck.
  15. You can register it ,but in a month they will send you something in the mail saying you can't get a california pinkslip for a canadian bike,you would have to register it out of CA then take the DMV the registration then you could get a CA pinkslip ,I don't care I just ordered my 03 CR250 from Zach,be here monday at LAX. [ August 22, 2002, 01:06 PM: Message edited by: h bomb ]