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  1. beeker8888

    PACK IT/RACK IT...storage advice

    I've been riding the DRZ 400S on some longer rides lately & I'm in need of more storage. What are you folks using for storage? I am on a quest to increase my capacity for long rides. What do you use? .... what have you seen that works best? I am thinking about a Pro Billet Rack w/ a Wolfman Bag attachment (at $152 + $40) and a Zac Speed EXOTEC SP# Protector Pack ( at $225) . i hear that Zac Speed pack is pretty trick, anyone have one? Whats the quality & storage like? Thx, Bill
  2. Hey TT'ers, just curious on what folks trailer there bikes with. I'm on the fence between a nice enclosed trailer & toy hauler. I'd really like to find a top quality toy hauler, lean towards the smaller sized, without all the bells & whistles (and cost associated with the bells & whistles). Anyone know of this type of toy hauler? Or a jazzed up trailer? Thx, -Bill AKA - beeker8888
  3. He TT'ers, i have an '03 DRZ400S pretty well modified & runs great. Tore it up in Cle Elum WA area last weekend & realized AGAIN, i need a better set up for long rides. What I am after is the best set up for storage. When I say storage I mean everything. What do YOU set yourself up with on your rides? .....Fender tool bag? Rear fender bag/box? BackPack Hydro unit?, etc.... what do you use? I've searched the old posts/threads:excuseme: . I seek more info than I have found. Anyway, anyone ever wants to ride in NW WA, drop me a note! -Bill AKA "beeker8888":
  4. beeker8888

    Hydration Packs

    Anyone have a good suggestion for Hydration Packs? I'd like to look into both "built in", as well as external. Thx!
  5. beeker8888

    Suggestions on Motorcycle Ramps

    Hey there Fellow TT'ers. I am interested direction on two questions. #1) Which product(s) do you reccomend for motorcycle ramps? Lightweight & wider than a 2X12:foul: , preferrably some type of strong lightweight metal folding type. #2) Do you feel there will be any issues getting two DRZ400 bikes in the rear of a 2003 Tundra? THX! - Ballard Bill (AKA - Beeker8888)
  6. beeker8888

    UFO Tailight Mod - Please Help!

    Hello TTers, I have a 2003 RDZ400S & I just bought a UFO tailight kit. I am excited to put it on, but I am not sure how it should be done. I tool off the old stock tail light. Looked at the new one & It does not just bolt on. I am sure some of you have done this & I'm hoping someone can explain/show me how. Photos help tremendously. Thanks! -Bill AKA - beeker8888
  7. beeker8888

    Storage to the Max

    Those big cans of yours are very nice! ... Thay were just short O' $7000 & . I'm thinking i would like to get my hands on them Which Rev Pak(s) fit the DRZ400 best? Whats worked for others? -Bill
  8. beeker8888

    Storage to the Max

    I just returned from a 3 day trip out around Mt Ranier with no gear storage other than a back pack. I need more storage/dry storage. What type of options are available for storage on a DRZ400S? What type(s) of rear rack works best? Storage bags on the rack? Waterproof for long rides in sicko weather. Are their some "systems" that some of you fellow TT'ers use that works well? Perhaps you carry extra gas, whatever.. I'm searching for ideas. Much appreciated! -Bill (Seattle)
  9. beeker8888

    New 1985 KLR 600

    Just bought a 1985 KLR 600 & am hoping to gain advice on mods to prepare for some off road adventure. Suggestions that have worked are much appreciated. Thanks! Beeker
  10. beeker8888

    Anybody ever try one of these? (Top Case)

    Yer puttin' THAT on a DRZ? Looks too shiny & BIG! for Off Road adventures. I'm seeking a rear storage rack system & have not found anything that looks ideal thus far. If anyone has pics og their storage shoot me an e-mail w/ pics. Thanks! Bill
  11. beeker8888

    Anybody ever try one of these? (Top Case)

    How does that Moto Fizz fit on the back of a DRZ400S? Do you need a rack, like a Pro Billet rack? Any pics of that bag on a bike?
  12. beeker8888

    Pro Moto Billet rack

    Anyone out there have a bigger rack than i have? for $160 & some beer i'll show them to anybody. Just checkin' to see if there are any fellow thumpers that are interested. perhaps this PMS is getting to me Please show your rack/booty ps. : i rode my brothers moped.
  13. beeker8888


    What do you folks use for storage on your bike? i have nowhere to put my purse or fine evening dresses." What a rack i have " I do 2 day + trips & need to max my storage capabilty.
  14. beeker8888

    Trailers, trays, & ?....

    I have VERY little storage space for my bike, let alone a trailer. What is available to purchase that will trailer/tow my 03 DRZ & perhaps even another bike? FYI - I have a tray that hangs off the back of my van. It is not optimal. I've seen very small trailers towing dirt bikes, but do not know where to purchase.
  15. beeker8888

    Teraflex 2 report w/full yosh et al w/pics

    Tell me that your Full of Yosh. Is it Titanium, or Stainless? How do you like me ?just bustin yo balls