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  1. Travis_D-37

    2001 400 exc value?

    They are not worth much maybe $50 but if it helps you out I'll go $75. The problem with a like new bike is its still a 12 year old bike that has been sitting for years and anything that has been sitting that long will more than likely need all new seals and every bearing on the frame will need attention as well as the other items mentioned above. The '01 had a known issue with a nut falling off the cam gear (auto decompressor stop nut) as well as a bad batch of cam bearings from the factory both of which can cause $1500-$2000 worth of damage, if these issues are fixed the bike is probably worth $1800-$2200 to the right buyer. If they haven't been fixed $1500-$1800 would be a good price. It will cost $300 or so to fix these items at a shop. I wouldn't even start an '01 unless the cam and bearings had been fixed. Back in 2001-2004 I probably fixed 100+ of the 2001 bikes that lost the nut and either blew out the top of the rocker cover when the cam chain broke, If you were lucky you didn't destroy the rest of the valve train when this happens. I can't count how many I took apart and found the nut holding on by 1 or 2 threads. The problem was KTM used a nylock nut and as soon as the motor got hot enough to melt the nylon in the nut and it would loosen.
  2. If you are not riding in temperatures under 35 deg then removing the thermostat is ok. If you ride in cold temps you will need the thermostat in place or the motor will not reach operating temps. A 1.8bar cap is 26psi. The CV4 cap is 2 bar or 30psi. The higher the cap the higher the boiling point. I have used the CV4 caps and they work fine.
  3. Do it you wont regret it. Not a bad price with all the add ons and when you are ready for more power we can make that into a 300, 320 or 350.
  4. As was said any of the 250 four strokes are good bikes. I have a little hesitation recommending a 250f motocross bike for what you are doing and your size. A 250 is a good choice to learn on but they are made to rev and slow trail riding doesn't work very well with this type bike as delivered. It takes a little work in order to make them good trail bikes. But on the flip side a enduro based bike is not really much fun for motocross. With your size and weight you might find you will outgrow the power of the 250 as your skill progresses. Then you have the option of big boring or selling and buying something bigger. KTM makes a hybrid bike in the 250 and 350 motor size it is called an XCF which is a really good do everything bike. They consider it a cross country bike rather than the normal motocross and enduro bikes. Both the 250 and 350 have a more aggressive power band than a enduro based bike but not as much as a true motocross bike. The suspension is stiffer than enduro settings but still good for offroad and light motocross use. The 350 is just a little more powerful than the 250 but can be lugged around better than a 250 and it doesn't beat you up like a 450 does. The 350xcf would be a good bike to learn on as well as something you won't outgrow.
  5. Travis_D-37

    530 EXCR - too big?

    The '08 is known for a few problems. I'm not saying all '08 motors had these problems but these are the most common problems I have seen over the years. Just keep these things in mind and if the seller is the original owner ask if the piston cam has been replaced or if any of the service bulletin have been taken care of. A 2008 cam be a good bike and as reliable as the current models with a little bit of upgrading. If the work mentioned has been done you will have a good bike if not then the price of the bike should be adjusted. To do all the upgrades below you are looking at anywhere from $100 to $1500 (parts and labor) if you need every thing listed. 1. Bad piston rings. The oem replacement rings are no better. The beast way to fix is to install an aftermarket piston and ringset. The cylinder might need to be replated to match the new piston if it has worn past specifications. 2. Oil burning issues related to the bad oem rings and/or faulty valve stem seals. 3. Bad Rocker arm shafts. KTM has superseded them 4 times. 4. The automatic decompressor on the cam was designed backwards making it hard starting. The fix is to install an '09 or later cam. KTM warrantied a lot of the cams but they stopped in 2011. 5. There was/is a oil transfer issue crank to tranny or tranny to crank depending on what is the root cause. The only way to be 100% sure to fix it is to convert the motor back to a single sump motor. This requires splitting the cases and doing some internal machining. 6. Oil being blown out the top breather because the rear cam bearing is installed to deep into the head which allows the oil to leak by the seal in the bearing. IT's an easy fix you just need to install a new bearing with the correct depth. 7. Oil pump drive gears are thin and can fail. Replace with gears from a 2010+ 8. Oil metering jets for the crank and piston squirter have been changed replace with 2010+
  6. I liked one tooth larger than stock on the rear. That pulled my 230lbs around really well.
  7. Travis_D-37

    2002 KTM 400 EXC need help for parts!

    HotRods part # 8666 the 400 rod is the same as the 525 rod. $149.95 Wossner Piston part# 8580DA pistons are available in a,b, and c sizes $165.95
  8. Travis_D-37

    2011 KTM 250 SX-F Upgrades

    We offer a 300, 320 or 350 conversion (Thumper Racing). The 320 seems to be what high elevation guys like the best. Stock stroke and 86mm bore. Makes a really strong but controllable bottom end. The 320 will allow you to go one tooth bigger on the front and still have enough power to pull 6th.
  9. The only difference in the 450 and 505 is the wrist pin size. The 450 has a 1mm smaller wrist pin than the 505. KTM used to make a conversion kit I'm not sure if they still do. KTM's kit requires you to split the cases and replace the crank rod with a 505 rod. You if they don't offer it any more you could make a conversion kit yourself all you need is the 505 rod, piston, gaskets and cylinder. Thumper Racing has a kit with the wrist pin of a 450 so all you have to do is replace the piston and cylinder.
  10. Travis_D-37

    525 04 in 505 09 frame

    Yes it can be done but you needs to modify the frame and swing arm. Jar944 has an ongoing conversion you can read up on it here: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=662808
  11. We can usually repair cracked cylinders. We can do the head work to. Dave does good head work as well but usually sends us the cylinders for repair.
  12. Travis_D-37

    2010 wr250 questions

    Thanks guys.Doing 270 kit, intake/exhaust hot cam stage 2, full port, fmf full system and "all the free mods"
  13. Travis_D-37

    2010 wr250 questions

    Is there a throttle stop on this carb? I looked all over for the "grey " wire but couldn't find it is this mod still avaliable for the 2010? anyone have any recomended jetting other than JD's kit?
  14. make sure if you try you tell the DMV there is atleast 8500 miles on it
  15. Travis_D-37

    Weisco Ring Installation - Sxf250

    shinny ring on top lettering / mark facing up ends at 12 o'clock set ring gap to .012" oil ring expander in first bottom wiper then top. Orient the ends of the rings expander at 12 o'clock bottom wiper at 8 o'clock and top 4 o'clock