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  1. YAMAHAman16xBH

    My 200xc is in!!

    ok, first of all i absolutely love my 2009 xc 200! and second it is a beast in the New York woods! I can rip up any hill hit jumps and still ride it like a pure breed mx bike. I love it. i like the idea of the adjustable bar stopers. and the suspension looks easy to dial in i havent played around with the suspension a whloe I am 15 years lot im waiting for a free night to play around with it. old 5' 7" 130 pounds and the bike is perfect i am so glad i did not get a 125 of 250 f. one thing i dislike is how wide the stock bars are and also when i took the kick stand off the rubber sucure strap when i took it off it left a hole any suggestion on filling the whole to the airbox? i belive a pipe guard is going to be a nessesity for the bike. but i am impressed with the degsign and the genuine parts. its a must have bike for woods racing. the ktm xc is awsome hands down.
  2. YAMAHAman16xBH

    My 200xc is in!!

    just bought an 09 200 xc i pick it up tomarrow i cant wait to ride it. ill let you know how it is.
  3. YAMAHAman16xBH

    My 200xc is in!!

    tell me how you like it im getting one soon
  4. YAMAHAman16xBH

    Building a 2-stroke woods bike for teenager

    i have a kx 100 and race harescrambles and i just moved up from a kx 85 and thats a really good bike to move up to and its awsome in the woods for his weight and height i would say a kx 85 because he isnt going to be happy on a kx 100 with his height in the woods and his weight too. 85 the way to go. and also check out the crf150r thats a really nice harescramble bike. and box stock these bikes will perform opposed to a drz or ttr 125.
  5. YAMAHAman16xBH

    New WNYOA Hare Scrambles - Lyons, NY

    it was an awsome race had an awsome time racing. that straightaway i almost blew my bike up tho.
  6. YAMAHAman16xBH

    Ktm 200???

    what do you guys think about a ktm 200 for a harescramble bike for a 5'8" 125 pound rider? or would a ktm 125 be a better bike? tell me what you all think.
  7. YAMAHAman16xBH

    85 dr 250 anyone???

    does anyone have experience with an 85 dr 250 im restoring one on would like to know more about the bike. like where i could find really cheap parts for it.
  8. YAMAHAman16xBH

    KX100 Headlight

    i saw in the mag dirtbike a compleatly off road kx100 with a light on it so mabye you could go to there website and call them up and see where you could get advice on a light.
  9. YAMAHAman16xBH

    Best way to clean carbon in pipe.

    wire brush
  10. YAMAHAman16xBH

    Bit of a scare on my KX today

    did you ride through water because that happens when you get the air filter wet it starts cutting out. check that out im almost positive it was the filter. i ride alot of woods with water and thats the worst in races when you get the filter soaked. was the filter dry it out and reoil it and you should be set.
  11. YAMAHAman16xBH

    My New KX!

    where do you live in newyork? Ya i love myt kx 100 and im 14 too just got it last year.
  12. YAMAHAman16xBH

    KX100 vs TTR125 and YZ80

    kx would dust both any where but on a drag the yz and kx would blow up first ha.
  13. YAMAHAman16xBH

    ?just wondering?

    hes perfect size for it and it will have good power and if not there is so many mods to get alot out of them 100 motors.
  14. YAMAHAman16xBH

    Had to show u guys this

    ya its my back ground on my cell phone its the best
  15. i used to have a yamaha and my racing number was 16 and the bh is my initials its old but i dont want to change it.