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  1. Firemedic

    2006 Rmz Air Filter Change

    I use Readyfilters. They are like 10 bucks and reusable if you want to. They come pre-packaged with maxima oil. They even come with a set of gloves. I just pull it out of the bag place it on the cage and voila..done deal. I have been using them on both of my bikes for 3 years and NEVER had a problem. I purchase a box of them every year and it seems to work out with changing the filter every 2 rides or so for me. As far as dirt and what not getting in the air box. I make sure to wipe it clean and use a vaccuum if there is excess amount of garbage in there, before I place the new filter back in.
  2. Firemedic

    2007 rmz 250 grip removal??

    It was the case on my 05 rmz450. So I would assume yes. Suzuki has an issue with not wanting us to change grips....
  3. Firemedic

    guys that moved from 450 down to 250...

    I happen to own both a rmz450 and a 2007 rmz250. I moved to the 250F for the same reason you are considering to. I actually ride my 450 well, but it rides me better. On long open tracks the 450 is a blast and easy to ride. However, on a normal track they can be a beast. When I first rode my 250F I was worried about the drop in power. I actually ride faster and have more fun on it. I can ride for longer times and feel more in control of the bike. I think riding a 450 first gave me some bad habits....lets call them lazy habits. I was using the bike more then proper technique. On my 250F I actually turn better. You are forced to learn proper technique due to the drop in power. My riding buddies noticed an immediate change in my riding. I still own the 2005 rmz450, but will probably never ride it on a track again. At least in the near future. I keep it for the desert and Glamis. I think a 250 F is will fit you just fine. Hope this helps....
  4. Firemedic

    Pipe for 2007 RMZ-450

    I just put a DrD full system on my 2007 rmz250. I am very impressed with the system. Great performance, great price and great fit and finish. I am running with stock jetting and it works great.
  5. Firemedic

    What sag are you guys running?

    thanks for the replys. I am running 100 and it seems to be working well for me.
  6. Firemedic

    moded 08 rmz250

    Sorry if this has already been answered. Where you running stock gearing or have you messed with that at all during the testing?
  7. Firemedic

    DrD SS/Aluminum review 2007 rmz250

    yeah I was quite surprised myself to see him. DrD is very much a big buisness, but going there made me realize they still run it like a mom and pop store. I will buy nothing but DrD from here on out. Both for performance and customer service.
  8. Firemedic

    2007 rmz 250 grip removal??

    I learned from my 05 rmz450 that the grip is volcanized on the tube. So this time I purchased a aluminum tube from works connection before I even started. Definitly worth the coin....
  9. Firemedic

    2008 Rmz250

    As far as performance goes, well that depends on a few things. I think suspension is the best upgrade for any bike. That is going to depend on your size and wieght. Second a full exhaust system will help the top end of the bike and smooth out the powerband a bit. Some have changed the gearing with positive feedback. 13/50 seems to be popular. I am using the stock gearing with good results. Other then that take good care of her and she will not let you down. P.S.- Grats on the new scoot!!!
  10. Firemedic

    Top End

    I disagree with the above statement. There are way better threads in TT then this one!!! Won't even crack the top ten until we get at least 3 or 4 pages of sarcastic replies. bark3rd you should see a doctor about that donkey problem. that could cause long term injury. It worries me that you consider "donkeys flying out of your ass" IDEAL conditions.....to each thier own I suppose!
  11. Firemedic

    Top End

    I went a found the conversion to mph for my own knowledge. That would put your bike at roughly 93-95 mph. That might be stretching it for a 250F However, I suppose conditions would play a role in it a bit. Also if it was slightly downhill.
  12. Firemedic

    DrD SS/Aluminum review 2007 rmz250

    Well I finally settled on buying the DrD system for my 07 rmz250. I went by there this morning on the way to the track, and picked up my new pipe. I went to the track and put the entire system on. Here is a little bit of background of my settings: -Stock jetting -55 degrees/overcast -Stock gearing -removed the spark screen -I'm 5'9 190lbs with gear The first thing I noticed was I had to turn the idol just a tad higher to keep it in a good idle. It is louder then stock, but not to bad. It is quieter then any other aftermarket pipe I have used. It ran flawless with stock jetting. It increased the low end and helped string out the gears a bit on top. It definitly revs up faster. It took me a few laps to realize I could keep it a gear higher and be in the meat of the powerband still. All in all I am very impressed with the performance. Expecially Since i don't have to jet it. It does exactly what I was hoping for. It improves an already great low to mid range and also increases the top end. It has a smooth feel with throttle response, not too snappy. The SS/Alumunum system comes with a very reasonable price tag as well. Not to mention thier customer service was fantastic. Doug Dubach himself came out and introduced himself and gave me ideas about what to expect with the pipe. I also should mention I was able to bolt it on in less then 10 minutes taking my time. It bolts up perfectly and the screen was easy to remove. The fit and finish is top notch. If you are thinking about buying a new pipe you may want to look at the DrD. Hope this little review helps.
  13. Firemedic

    What sag are you guys running?

    I just had my suspension revalved with heavier springs front and rear. With me there they set the sag at 100mm. I was wondering if anybody has had any luck with different settings? I have not ridden it yet since the revalve so 100mm may work fine, just asking around. I am 5'10 195lbs in gear. Thanks in advance!!
  14. Firemedic

    Has Suzuki 250F's gotten any better??

    i am coming from a RMZ450. I now use it for Glamis and desert riding only. My 07 rmz250 is perfect. I was very worried that I would miss the power coming from a 450. I actually run faster times on my 250f and can ride twice as long. I have had the suspension revalved with heavier springs front and back and put a DrD system on it. It has great low end and plenty of top end for the track. You can pretty much put it wherever you want and it will pull all the way through. Some guys are running 13/50 gearing with good results. I am still running stock gearing and it is spot on for the tracks I ride. Just my thoughts! Happy Holidays. P.S.- Buy it you will not regret it.
  15. Firemedic

    Standard or High Comp piston?

    I don't have an answer fo ya, but I bet a quik phone call to PC will answer it for you. Just a thought.