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  1. moto949

    2004 tips and trick

    There is a huge pile of tips in the FAQ on the top of this forum.
  2. moto949

    Honda cases

    Because they are not tuned to the level of the CRF. They also don't have the weight constraints, and can be built more robust, carry more oil, and most don't rev like a CRF.
  3. I did Ron Hamp is the builder. It will be fine.
  4. moto949

    Honda cases

    How does it make it run cooler to have one shared oil? How does it make it run more efficient? I like the idea that the tranny oil is not shared with my valve train. It lets me use a different oil for each side which will let me use a oil without compromise in regards to friction modifiers. I have also blown up a few clutch plates in the past (aftermarket) and I am glad all that junk did not end up in my top end.
  5. Stock rings dropped right in. I just happen to have some on hand. Glad I am a pack rat.
  6. moto949

    250 factory bikes

    I wish I was a better rider!! (and young again) It is all me now days holding me back, it is for sure not my engine,
  7. What will it do to my power output going to to the lower compression ratio? I have an old honda piston in the shop I will pull the rings off and see if they fit just so I know.
  8. OK so here is the deal. I am rebuilding the engine on my 05 CRF250R. New crank, Piston measured out good so I just was going to re-ring it this time around. I went to install the rings and the oil rings will not fit in with the separator ring not enough room, after looking at the old one vs the new one they are not the same. part # on the rings is JG7001-3071 I have a full mod RHC motor ported 07 head and his cam package, and his JE piston 14.5:1 piston. I also have sitting on the shelf a cp 13.5:1 piston brand new. part # m2000a and I have a stock 07 cam sitting on the shelf. I want to go riding and get this bike back together. should I A) wait tell JE is open and get the correct rings. (was hoping to do some riding soon) put in the other piston with the RHC cam. C) put in the 07 cam with the CP piston. Thanks in advance Jake
  9. moto949

    KTM air shock.

    http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/MOTOCROSS-ACTIONS-FRIDAY-NEWS-REPORT-THIS-IS-MOTOC-9615.aspx I wonder how complex this thing is going to be.
  10. moto949

    SPI MX setup tuning, seeking input

    What happened to DaveJ there was a time when he would have been on here to answer. I tried getting a kit from him a year ago and gave up.
  11. moto949

    Why 2 stroke guys shouln't ride 4 strokes

    And this is why I park my 4joke on a hill.
  12. moto949

    metal finishing

    How does this dryfilm lube work? What are the gains?
  13. moto949

    Resurgence of 2 strokes!

    get a 450 two stroke detune it so it is slow and it would be the equal to a 450 fourstroke. Once you compare equal CC the fourstrokes are slow and heavy, and expensive
  14. I currently have some supension that I sent to him. It is time to service them and at the same time I wanted to update to the current settings. DIY would be perfect for me as I can do the work myself no problem. I have done a few of his kits in the past. I have been trying to get the parts all year, everytime the check is in the mail. I am thinking about putting it back to stock and just play with it until i like it.
  15. Has this gotten any better? I am trying to decide if I want to give up and go another route or not.