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  1. myall

    KLXer's Opinions Please

    Purple is old, turn it into a green frame! (or even the newer silver/alloy style) Then stay with green plastics and standard KLX graphics http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a246/glen_ep/Posts/IMGP2458.jpg GREEN!
  2. myall

    Sticky posts available for this forum?

    My first vote on what needs to be sticky'd... The crank breather mod with "Why can't i just remove the plug? (and not re-route)" question.
  3. myall

    Crankcase Breather Mod??

    I aggree 100% with brewster. Some past threads on this topic... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=328216 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=319165
  4. myall

    Low speed screw adjustment after carb mods

    When I experimented with the spring, I recall tying up more than 2 coils, maybe 5+ ....... it did get very responsive, so responsive that the fuel mixture had no chance of keeping up. MMmm... Pumper carb has plenty juice and power
  5. myall

    Carb mods

    Re: spring Yeah, it should give you a tiny bit better response. As long as your jetting is good.. (would be a waste of time otherwise).
  6. myall

    KLX250 mods WOW!!!

    You could have searched the forum for it and found plenty info!! Lucky I'm a bit bored though...http://www.planetklx.com/techtips/free-mods.shtml http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=319165&highlight=crank http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=328216
  7. myall


  8. Typical performance upgrade: * New Exhaust * Air box - remove snorkel or lid * Carby dyno jetting (or replace with a pumper carb if you have extra $$) Other: * Suspension * Depending on the model you have: ACR fix, star gear fix, ??
  9. myall

    idler gear KLX 300

    Yo!The Planet KLX website is back in action, and looking new. No need for the web archive now http://www.planetklx.com/
  10. myall

    why a klx250s not a 300s

    The KLX250 dual sport has already been in production for Australia and UK for many years.. so why re-develop when you can just re-badge and sell the same old..? ..I welcome any alternative views. (we don't get your 300...arg! Would be nice to have a 300 DS!)
  11. myall

    Let the MODS Begin !

    I tried that with my KLX250H. It worked to the extent of making the throttle respond slightly quicker. (ended up reverting 'cause at the time, the carby was tuned too lean, and my TM33 was on it's way)
  12. myall

    Would you try a trials tire on your bike?

    I'm planning to try them out, on my next change..
  13. myall

    Fitting the TM33 on KLX250 question

    Yeeap, I noticed that too. It's a small difference, but enough. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere (therefor no group solutions). I used Teflon tape and it seems to be fine - though it's probably about time I give it a good inspection and see how it's been holding up. I'd be interested to know what solution you come up with, for this..... (or anyone else!!)
  14. myall

    Fitting the TM33 on KLX250 question

    I assume you're talking about the carby air intake (from air box).... not the engine intake.. Here's a couple photos... carby close up of spacer (Please ignore the dirtness on the carby, near the aluminium spacer.. it's left over sealant from a bodged up previous installation.. erg.. do it right the frist time!)