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  1. I put two holes in my stock cover while in Colorado. JB weld got me home. Bought the SFB, filed down the rear tooth on my pedal and put a hole in the SFB two weeks ago. Welded the SFB cover and beefed it up inside and out. Filed down the front tooth also and covered the pedal with plastic dip. Will see how this lasts...
  2. Dzl850

    Lift Stand

    $71.98 at MX South. Here is the link. Put the item number in at the bottom and click verify item. It will give you the price. As for paying too much, I think that is relative. I spend way too much on this bike as it is and saving my shot knees and back is worth it to me. As I stated previously, I have returned several junk stands that were almost as much as this one. http://www.mxsouth.com/drc/drc33hcstan.htm
  3. Dzl850

    Lift Stand

    Sorry I did not reply sooner. I was caught up in the Rita fallout. I agree the Motoboss is junk. I bought one and returned it the same day. I really like this HC stand. I paid around $80.00 for it. What I like is that it is smaller than a regular stand, so I can take it with me to the trails. It is great for setting sag etc.
  4. Dzl850

    Lift Stand

    Check out this slick lift stand, called the HC Stand. Made out of steel. It picks up my fat "X" like nothing there. Has a spring that assists in lowering so there is no slamming down of the bike. They also have other cool stuff: http://www.drcproducts.com/index2.html
  5. Dzl850

    450X Microfiche/Service Manual

    You can also try this one for microfiche http://www.ronayers.com/fiche/getyear.cfm?man=ho&groupid=7428
  6. Dzl850

    Bought the 450X - Thanks for the help!!

    Weedo, They offered you a warranty on the bike? I asked about one and was told there is no warranty??? What's with that? I bought the "X" but would have paid for an extended warranty if I had been offered one, as it is I don't think I have a warranty? Can anyone elaborate on this? Thanks,
  7. Dzl850

    If you own an X you MUST READ this !!!!!!

    I put two holes in my clutch cover while riding in boulders and streams in Colorado. Both times I was able to patch them and continue riding. The culprit was the brake pedal. If you land on the pedal at the proper angle it will deflect into the clutch cover and the inner teeth will punch a hole in the cover. I was also running with a full WC skid plate. I don't hold the plate responsible. I do think Honda should be using billet aluminum on the cover. I am going to order a new cover, either Rekluse or SFB. I am also going to grind off the inner teeth on the brake pedal. I think that the riding conditions were the root cause of the problem. That said, I was expecting the possibility of having problems and among other things was carrying along epoxy. My experience has shown if you ride hard, sooner or later you will break something and it is better to be ready.
  8. Dzl850

    bent my radiator

    I dumped the "X" and bent my left radiator. The radiator was not leaking, BUT I was getting ready to go to Colorado so I bought a new radiator and the Flatland Racing radiator guards. The gaurds require removal of the cooling fins but I was not too concerned as I knew it would be cooler up in the mountains. I did drop the bike in a knarly stream and the guards saved the same side radiator. Now that I am back in Texas, I am going to go to Engine Ice. The Flatland Racing guards are top shelf.
  9. Dzl850

    Service manual?

    I got my manual for my 450X at http://www.helminc.com/helm/product2.asp?class%5F2=AHC&mk=Honda+Motorcycle&yr=2005&md=Off%2DRoad&dt=&module=&from=result&Style=G61ZYSAHC9JVF8W&Sku=61MEY00&itemtype=N&mscsid=7CWUQ56H891W9NU6MA3C8KQHH3523VNA
  10. Dzl850

    CRF450X Side Case

    Thanks for the ideas. I am looking for a new cover in a billet solution if possible. Still hard to find third party parts for the 450X. I will file or grind the teeth on the brake pedal and see about the plastic coating. I will post pics when I get them.
  11. Dzl850

    CRF450X Side Case

    I was riding my CRF450X up in Colorado. While climbing rocks / boulders, I landed on a rock causing my brake pedal to punch a hole through my magnesium right side case. I had epoxy with me and was able to patch the hole and get back to riding within 45 minutes. A couple of days later I did the same thing again only it was worse than the first time as it knocked off the patch and created a larger hole. I did the repair and finished the ride. I am running the Works Connection full skid plate, yet even this does not make allowance for the brake pedal punching a hole into the case. I can file or grind the first tooth on the brake pedal and I think this would help stop this from happening in the future. What I would really like to do in find a new aluminum side case with which to replace the magnesium case. Another option would be some kind of case saver. Does anyone know where to find an aluminum engine right side case or a case saver for a CRF450X? Thanks, Brian
  12. Dzl850

    CRF450X oil filter

    Anybody have the HiFlo oil filter number for a CRF450X? I cannot find it on their website. I can find the K&N which is showing a part # KN116E. I am thinking I can run a HiFlo 116 but I want to verify. Can anybody help on this? Thanks,
  13. Dzl850

    Water in engine oil

    Good information! Keep it simple, I like that. Thanks, Brian
  14. I ride a '99 YZF400 which I have modifiied for woods and trail riding. I stuck the bike in a hole a couple of weeks ago midway up the engine and got water in the oil. I have been told in the YZF forum that I need to re-route my crankcase vent hose from under the frame up to the breather housing. I figured one of you guys in the WR forum might be able to help me out and explain the best procedure for this? I don't have a problem with re-routing the hose, I just don't know how to attach it to the airbox housing. Do I drill out the housing and silicone in place or maybe T into the airbox drain hose? Any comments are appreciated. Brian
  15. Dzl850

    99 yz400f

    I have one I bought in 2003. Great bike and I ride it hard. I bought it from a guy who ran it in the Nationals. It has the 426 kit. I have added a Baja kit, lowered the gearing and added the WR flywheel. I use it for woods and trails. I also ride it on Motocross tracks, but I have had the suspension re-done and slightly lowered for my size and for trail riding, so I stay away from jumps. I do spend a lot of time on maintenance. I change oil and filter every 10 hours and clean / oil the filter after most every ride. I get about 45 to 50 hours out of steel sprockets and gold chain but I do a lot of mud / sand riding. Am just installing the Ironman sprockets and X-ring chain to see how good they work. I would highly recommend the bike if it is in good shape.