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  1. kwajesjakie66

    Twisted upper triple clamp (bottom is aligned)

    Hi, I have had a similar problem. To check if the triple clamps are bend, install the left fork leg in the right side and the right fork leg in the left side. the wheel will be reversed this way. But if the clamps are bend then your wheel will still point to the left. this indicates that the clamps are bend. If the wheel on ,the other hand, points to the right with reversed fork legs, then one of your fork legs is bend. Also pay very close attention when installing the fork legs. they should slide smoothly into the top clamp without touching the edge when sliding up into the top clamp.
  2. kwajesjakie66

    piston cracked at 70hrs

    sorry for the late replay, A happy new year. I run the standard needle with the clip 3rd position from top. Do you recommend some other typ of needle?
  3. kwajesjakie66

    piston cracked at 70hrs

    I run a170 main jet and have the airbox opened to the max, cut the top of and drilled large holes in the side and back. Also run a 2014 kxf exhaust. It probably could have run lean because I was railing berms at a deep sand motocross track with WOT in third gear all the time. Even a Kawasaki cant stand this abuse I guess
  4. kwajesjakie66

    Remove n replace rear guard

    I just grinded it of and used a 4mm bolt and nut to install it again, simple.
  5. kwajesjakie66

    piston cracked at 70hrs

    The bike is a 2008 model, I bought it new in 2014. Did not know there had been an update on the piston, but now I have a WISECO piston in, so everything is safe. It had been left sitting in a corner of the warehouse for 6 years, with zero hours on it. The dealer totally forgot he had it in stock! the bike was covered with junk.
  6. kwajesjakie66

    Oil change

    Why not taking the effort to take the small plug out? it takes only a minute, and it is there for a reason. I know from other bikes that it drains a dead spot in the engine, if the oil is left there to long it can turn into a sludge and does lubricate anymore. The Kawa engineers know what they design, if they say to drain, than just do as is told. Sounds a bit like the army, but later you will discover the sergeant was right, YES SIR!
  7. kwajesjakie66

    piston cracked at 70hrs

    Lol, I wasn't curious to the inside at all, but while I hat it apart I took the valves out to check them: still 100%. Even the valve clearance was just as it was when the Kawa left Japan I changed the timing chain for a new one, and will change the piston the next time after 50hrs. My Kawasaki dealer also advises a 50hr interval. Cheers, ON THE PIPE!!
  8. kwajesjakie66

    piston cracked at 70hrs

    Hi, Recently the piston of my KLX450r cracked, it was still in one piece, but a large crack was across the piston which caused a complete loss of compression. I always thought that it would last minimal a 100hrs. Luckily no further damage, I replaced it with a forged WISECO piston, and ON THE PIPE! again. My question is, who has experienced this also at these running hrs. I ride 90% motocross with it, run a 2014 KX450F exhaust. Opened up the air box to the max, cut away the top, drilled holes to the side and rear, run a 170 main jet, and maintain and treat the bike well. Regards, Jan
  9. kwajesjakie66

    with how many hours piston change?

    Thanks for your replay, I bought the klx new, and maintain it precisely. The valve clearance is still within limit, did not have to adjust them once! I'm use to 2 strokes, and then it is max 25hr on my kx250 before I drop a new piston in. that's why I'm curious how long a 4stroke piston lasts, but with clean filters and quality engine oil (motul) a piston will last 4 times longer! On The Pipe!
  10. kwajesjakie66

    with how many hours piston change?

    HI Guy's, How many hours does a klx piston last. My klx has 68hrs on it now, i was thinking about putting a new piston in, the manual says a new piston every 1500Km? Oil change every 5 hours. I have not measured compression . My riding is 75% motocross and 25% trails. What is your experience with piston live on 4 stroke's. Regards, Jan
  11. Krannie is right, firts install a new o ring. Turning the srew in is leaner, turning out is richer. To adjust the fuel srew: Set the bike to a high idle. Turn the fuel mixture screw in until the engine almost dies. Count the turns out until the engine rpm peaks. If you turn the fuel mixture screw too far out, the exhaust note will become dull and lumpy. If you have to turn the srew more than 2 complete turns out and it still runs lean, than you need a larger pilot jet. But first fix the o ring, i think the problem will then be solved. Regards, Jan
  12. HI, Decel popping is mostly caused by a lean mixture when the throttle is closed and air getting succed in to exhaust. either your header is leaking against the cylinder, or the connection between header and muffler. Also the adjustment of the fuel screw plays a role, if it is to lean it will cause popping as well. It has nothing to do with the main jet, only the pilot jet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoRSfeJtEtw check this link. It is best to have an adjustable fuel screw so you can adjust it easily.
  13. hey Carlson, I wonder how you can clean a carburetor without taking it completely apart, because I think like William1 of blocked passages. What you describe looks like a lack of fuel. take the carburetor completely apart and have it cleaned in a ultrasonic bath, that will remove the clogging in the passages. If fuel these days sits to long in a carburetor it will produce a sort of gum. Further check the connections in the cables coming from the TPS and best all connections, take the connections apart and clean them with contact cleaner. Yamaha electronics are very reliable, most problems occur by bad connections. I don't think the carb slide will fit the wrong way around because there is a slight curved an a flat side to it. are all rubber connections between the carburetor and cylinder air tight? regards, Jan
  14. kwajesjakie66

    09 kx450f overheating/backfiring

    Check the last items you worked on. most of the time if a fault occurs straight after a repair/ maintenance it is mechanics error. You mentioned replacing the throttle body, why did you replace it? about the engine oil, a dark brown color means either long running hours or excessive heat. which again means a lean fuel mixture. check everything on the intake side for tightness, check compression, valve clearance, cam timing, ignition timing, spark plug, all the obvious things before taking something apart.
  15. kwajesjakie66

    09 kx450f overheating/backfiring

    G'day, Check if there is false air coming in into the intake side. Maybe intake rubber cracked? As you describe it , it looks like the fuel mixture is way to lean. Check compression, head gasket blown? do you loose cooling fluid?