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  1. jblalock

    High Sierra Hydration Systems ?

    I just bought two 50oz Camelbacks at Bass Pro for 14.99 each. Have not tried them yet, but they look pretty nice. They are for my two sons.
  2. jblalock

    Mini-bike's for sons

    I have had two JR50s and crf50. Go with the crf50.
  3. jblalock

    R gas tank on a X

    Got any pics of it mounted up? Will the X shrouds work with the R tank? I was thinking that the seat had to be modified as well...
  4. jblalock

    Tyler Evans Incident

    He is 100% punk. At the Atlanta Sx they interviewed him on the jumbotron about his run ins with LaRocco. He said that "he had respect for the other riders on the track, but no one would want to get in the ring with him." What a tool. "Hey, I can't ride but I can fight" Maybe he would do better with the UFC.
  5. jblalock

    What/who is MDK Motorsports??

    So does the guy just sponsor a team because he like mx/sx? Not promoting anything?? Is there money to be made in owning a team (like nascar)? If not, then it sounds like an expensive way to go to the races.
  6. I'm talking about Nick Wey's team. Is MDK a company? If so what do they make/sell? I found www.mdkmoto.com, but no info about the entity. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I did google it first.
  7. jblalock

    Kevin Windham in Orlando?

    I got his autograph at Atlanta, he said he would be back for Orlando. Straight from the horses mouth.
  8. Already got a set of springs. Thanks guys.
  9. jblalock

    klx 110 bar replacement

    I had the same problem. I wanted some better bars to replace my sons bent stock bars. I did my research, talked to Renthal, and ended up with Renthal 110 playbike bars (part no 611-01). The bars are a good bit wider than the stock bars, I cut an inch or so off each end (that is the max you can cut them down btw). Protaper had some bars that were a good fit, but a little lower. I cannot remember the model, but I think it was the Kawasaki-Mini Good luck.
  10. Snicker in the gas tank. Or do like my dad would have done, clean it up, gas it up and dare me to ride it. You could not have paid me to ride it!!
  11. jblalock

    Anyone get the MotoSport Catalog???

    I've had great experiece with Motosport. One thing i've learned to check before doing mail order is the return policy. Many will only give you a few days to return and item and then charge a restock fee or only issue store credit. Motosport has a very fair return policy, imo. They also sell Honda OEM parts, which is nice since my dealer tries to rape everyone that comes through the door (plus they never have the part in stock)! For example, my dealer charges $61 for a clutch cover that I can get from Service Honda for $38.
  12. What tires come stick on a 2006 YZ250? I believe it is a Dunlop 742 front, but what about the rear? Thanks
  13. jblalock

    Surprise of the SX Year

    David Vullemen?? J/K
  14. We went riding today. At the end of the day. my 8 year old was riding his 110 and racing a buddy on a long straight. Anyway, the bike starts fine, and the shifter will move up ans down fine (but does not really click like its going into gear), but the bike will not go into gear. He said he was downshifting to get to first. He thought he was in neutral, so he pulled up on the shifter and no go. Any ideas?