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  1. Orionbeer

    What do you think..

    I would have to say the worse thing is an injured rider, given he/she got broken "on the bike." (I wanted to stay within the parameters of the thread:) ) A broken bike is bad thing, but a broken rider is definitely worse:thumbsup:
  2. Orionbeer

    What kids boots do you recommend?

    Thank-you for pointing these out:thumbsup: ! These are the first "youth" series I've come across that go beyond size 6. I recently purchased the Tech 3s for myself, and really like their fit and comfort, so I definitely will be looking for a pair of these to see how my son likes them.
  3. Orionbeer

    What kids boots do you recommend?

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions:thumbsup: I'll be scouring the cycle shops looking for the brands mentioned and any others I can come across. Just trying on boots myself, I discovered that there is a considerable difference between form and fit, depending on the brand and model. The only problem I'm running into now is his 7.5" feet at the end of skinny legs. I've found boots that are comfortable on the inside, but the top part flops around his calves. Maybe I should wrap his legs in ace bandages and get him a pair of Alpinestars Tech 3 AT:ride:
  4. I will be purchasing some boots for my 12 yr old, who rides a KLX125. So far, we've tried the Oneal Elements Fox (forgot the name, about $90). I wanted to get him a set of the Alpinestars Tech 3, but his calf is too skinny and the boots just flop around on the top. The type of riding we do is only trails, if that helps. My goal for him is to find a pair that are comfortable, so I was wondering if anyone had luck with a particular type for kids, or know someone who did? Thanks.
  5. Orionbeer

    Fork Seal will not seat!!!!

    Thanks for the tips everyone; I do appreciate the advice. I have ordered a new set of seals and in the meantime, picked up a 1.5" section of PVC pipe. For the record, I was using a flathead screwdriver with light taps, that became stronger as my patience wore. It naturally follows that I punctured a hole in seal and THEN posted here for help... when will I learn to ask for help first:bonk:? I guess I'm an idiot in training:ride:
  6. I just destroyed a new fork seal, trying to get it to seat. I was in the process of replacing both, the first one went smooth, but the second kicked by butt and I destroyed the new seal. Question, when I try this again, should I coat the new seal with fork oil to make it easier before trying to seat it?
  7. Despite what I considered a thorough routine of the basics for my 230, I failed to even once in the past three years of ownership to slide the fork boots up and clean the dirt from around the fork seals. Ironically, I have had two friends of mine recently speak of leaking fork seals, and all I did was comment that my 230 doesn't leak and it's 3 years old, hah! Then, two weeks ago I pushed my bike out to clean the garage and voila!... oil was dripping down the right fork:banghead: So I slid up the boot, and found a considerable amount of dirt/silt/sand hanging around seal, imagine that. Long story short, for those who don't clean around your seals, don't forget to do it, or you may be replacing the seals sooner than you want to.
  8. Orionbeer

    Need to switch to 4 wheels, looking for advice

    sbabs, Like others have stated, you just can't go wrong the 400ex. I too am a 'puttsing' trail rider and absolutley love the 400. The seat is comfortable for all day riding and the quad never runs out of power. Get one soon....
  9. Orionbeer

    KLX 125 Dealer Holdovers....want one....

    I got a used '06 midway through '06 for $1,600 from a honda dealer. It still had the hair on the tires and has ran like a champ ever since. Still the easiest starting thing I know...
  10. Orionbeer

    2006 CRF150F Battery

    I don't suppose you live in Ft. Meade do you? Orionbeer:ride:
  11. Orionbeer

    CRF 230 copy

    I fall into the 'future curious' crowd as I wonder when China will evolve their quality standards to resemble those of the main bike companies of the present. I have a personal story to relate: In 2004, I got a little over zealous with my tax return and purchased a Chinese Panterra 90cc dirt bike for my boys from Pep Boys - out of the crate. After assembly, it started rather easily and was so quiet, that you could barely hear it! However, the 'shock and awe' wore off after the first ride, wherein literally every screw/bolt on the bike came loose and/or fell off. After putting lock washers on everything, that problem was solved, but within a couple hrs of riding time, the rings went bad and it began to smoke very bad. Because of the lack of parts and money involved, I've chosen to ride it as "smokey" (it is labeled as such) until it dies and then throw it away. Until then, I'll just keep adding oil. There are a few strong points that I like; the tires are a natural rubber and grip/wear very well, and the transmission is very strong (auto clutch) as the bike will wheelie in 1st quite easily. Other than that, pretty much everything else resembles what you would expect in quality from a dollar store toy. The cooling fins break off when hit by rocks, and the exhaust welds broke from God knows what..at least I had a small welder to fix that problem. The metal used in the frame/swingarm seems to be of very poor quality and the fork seals blew on the first ride. Now, it rides on nothing but springs, as I stated above I refuse to put anything more than gas or oil into the bike, because it just isn't worth it. Long story short, I think the Chinese manufacturers have a start and if they continue to improve, I do foresee their products slowly becoming competitive on a global market. For now, I would be extremely cautious about recommending one to anyone, exept I hope middle east extremists outfit their entire army with Chinese vehicles, then we would be able to track them by following the blue smoke:)
  12. Orionbeer

    2006 CRF150F Battery

    E7O, I suggest you get the battery tender and that you take the key out of the bike when it is not being used. How do you like the bike? I have a friend who has one and he totally loves it...says it's better than fishing or hunting:)
  13. Orionbeer


    Have you removed the snorkle, baffle, and rejetted to coeshow's recommendation? And/or changed the springs to BBR?
  14. Orionbeer

    Anyone found buddy pegs?

    TSAR, Have you checked with Northern Tool & Equipment? I think they might have what you're looking for, because they carry a lot of misc equip for mini bikes and such. Good luck.
  15. Orionbeer

    Worst Day Ever

    ryc225, I think you hit the nail on the head. Obviously if a cop pulls you over, he/she has already asserted their authority over you. Therefore, to argue with them will only cause them to increase their authority over you and make things worse. However, because it's human nature to like to be appeased, if you totally submit to their authority, apologize with great heartfelt emotion, and make them feel that you are truly sorry they GENERALLY will, as you said, let you off lightly. If they don't, either they are anal about their job or some previous similar offender really pissed them off and they no longer give out "freebies."