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  1. Parking can be a mixed bag of tricks. From pricing to getting away after the race. Expect to pay starting $20 and it goes up. Some lots the closer to start time the price goes up more. Some lots are great as far as being close to the stadium, but a bear to get out of after the race. Some park outside Atlanta and take the MARTA in and back out. I personally have been parking in the "Blue" lot which is very close to the stadium, west side a block and half away. It is easy to get out of, because they have a back gate to exit from. You can avoid the mad rush for the main road leaving the stadium. And you will drive into the "rough area/ghetto". I have never had a problem driving through this area. A GPS will make getting back to the interstate easier. I personally have never had a problem security wise. I have attended the races here for a long time, since they moved from the old Fulton County stadium. I get my ticket from Durhamtown, but that's a long haul from Atlanta.
  2. No rider down, tuff block rolled onto the track. I saw them do this in Atlanta last year. Questioned why a medical flag was thrown for a tuff block. I can only guess it was for the safety of the track worker moving the block. But on the same token, I have seen countless number of tuff blocks roll onto the track with no flags of any kind being thrown and the block safely moved.
  3. You claim that your "opinion" is based on facts? Here's a fact you failed to understand, Yes, his TUE was approved, but it is for 2015 not 2014. He applied for it after he was tested positive for a band substance. This is just like starting birth control after you find out you are pregnant. And because he has been band for the 2015 season, his TUE is pretty much moot at this time.
  4. I may be wrong on this, but it sound as if you are blaming your friend for a lack of maintenance on your part. Sorry, but him blowing spoke out on the rear wheel was a lack of maintenance on your part. If you do not check and tighten them as needed, what do you think is going to happen? He just happen to be the unlucky person to be on the bike at the time it let go. Caught "oily fiberglass" on fire. It didn't get that way from running a little premix in the tank. Again this did not dawn on you there may be a problem with your bike? Seems to me you a looking to solve a problem that does not exist with your friend. Putting a band aid on a nonexistent problem will just delay the inevitable.
  5. Toronto has been on the schedule since 2008. East Rutherford N.J. MetLife Stadium race took Salt Lake City's place.
  6. That's what I was hoping when I got the old style wheel. The brake backing plate from the original wheel was way smaller than the older model and I could not use it. I had to fab up spacer also because of the addition of a plate to eliminate the brake torque arm in order to anchor the backing plate.
  7. The older twin shock wheels are not interchangable with the Pro-link wheels, without making spacers and a way to anchor the brake plate. It can be done, I put one on my kids 94 XR100R. Only because it was all I could find at the time.
  8. I'm sure the $10000 fine he was issued, due to his brother and fathers action had a little to do with it; http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/LASERGATE-2013-THE-OTHER-SHOE-DROPS-WHO-KNEW-WHAT-10327.aspx
  9. Re-lacing a wheel is a bit of a job if you have never done one. Truing the wheel is also time consuming if you have never done one. If the broken spokes are outside spokes, the bend is on the outside of the hub flange, they can be replaced. Inside spokes are a different story, replacing them requires the wheel to tore down and re-laced. Either way the wheel will need truing. All else fails look to eBay to find a replacement wheel.
  10. The hesitation you speak of is normal. Without an accelerator pump, the carb cannot flow enough fuel into the motor. Nothing is wrong, the thottle just needs to be rolled on, not cracked wide open. to the best of my knowledge the carb jets can be changed. The motor and carb have not changed in years. BBR has a lower frame cradle. Has a full aluminum plate on the bottom and helps prevent frame stretch. A little pricey though.
  11. Is there nothing this man cannot do? http://www.grindtv.c...s-off-backflip/
  12. No, it was plug and play swap. All stock componets went right back in with no changes.
  13. I put a TB kit on my XR. THey do sell the kit with a cam, but don't bother getting the cam, as it is the same as the stock cam. Price was the biggest factor for me. I managed to pick it up for $170 on eBay. Adding a ATC200X carb wakes up the motor even more. Haven't had any problems with it since it was insatlled just short of a year ago.
  14. You may want to check the vent line for the carb too. Sound like a fuel problem more than anything.
  15. Yamaha ran several supercross races with the plain aluminum tank with just "Yamaha" on them. I have pics of Hannah sporting the #100 and other Team Yamaha members at Atlanta's Fulton County stadium with the plain look.
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