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  1. anybody want to go riding tomorrow? hit me up
  2. cool to keep his memory alive bro,hang in there,,god bless
  3. im going out sun morning hit me up if anyone wants to go
  4. cool let me know
  5. not bye the bank they will tow your car,you have to go bye lotta road,i could meet you guys some where and you can follow me there,,what day do you want to go sat or sun?its better to go early cause alot of people show up and its not good cause there is just to many people there on the weekeneds
  6. going to the slags if anyone want to ride this weekened,let me know
  7. anyone want to go to kellys station? let me know
  8. yea sucks,cause that was a good spot
  9. hes telling me they built a housing plan where we used to get in,u can still get in there but the people up there dont want u unloading and leaving your vehicle there in front of there houses
    good runner
  10. 0 comments

    good runner
  11. im still trying to find out ,there is a way back there but im not sure where,hang in there i will post
  12. its been awhile i will have to ask my buddy,but we used to ride up there,there was hill climbs for days,it runs next to 279,i will ask him and post
  13. sled any luck on the 80?
  14. yea zelienople is kinda far from me,there is a good spot up your way its right off the camphorne exit,i remember theres alot of hill climbs