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  1. I'v done a terrible job at staying up to date on this thread, I have about 50 new videos sense I last posted LOL obviously I'm not going to go threw and post them all, but feel free to browse heres my video from last weekend!
  2. Well, I sold my last cr250 back in 2011 or so, and I decided its time to get back into riding... My last one was a 96', loved it, but I had ALWAYS wanted a gen 3 cr250... So I picked this 02 cr250 up! Came with a TON of spare parts. Heres some pics & vids. sorry if I ride like a rookie, its my first time being on a bike in years. Relearning how to ride again has been a lot of fun!
  3. Sorry! Been slacking on updating this thread! Here's some more recent vids I edited
  4. Tag along and see me and my friends riding here in Alaska! I'll upload some vids of already made and update with new videos as I edit along with post pics as we go riding! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Polaris

    Nice quad, I'm digging the front bumper on yours! I'v actually considered selling this... I'v rode it 3 times sense I bought it. Working out of town has completely killed anytime I had to ride this summer. I'm in the last week of a 5 week hitch here, if things keep up like this summer will be over before I have any real time to play!
  6. Polaris

    Just picked up a 05 predator tld has the fox podium x shocks, close ratio trans, hmf exhaust, nerf bars. Just had the piston replaced, valve job and a new timing chain installed. Wheeler flat out rips!! Paint is peeling on the frame & a arms. I plan on cleaning it up and rattle canning those areas with grey paint for this summer. Come winter time I plan on stripping it and having the frame, a arms & misc parts powder coated to match the plastics. I do have a black/orange seat, but the latch mechanism is broke. So the red one will have to do for now. Rear tires are good, will likely replace the fronts soon. Back when I was in high school and a lot of my buddy's ran wheelers every one ran maxxis razr tires. Are those still the best for trail riding or should I look at different ones? Regardless, I plan on taking it out for my first ride tomorrow. I'll be sure to post some helmet cam video.
  7. Haha cool. I actually live in Willow, about 15 min north of wasilla.Sense I didn't pick up the cr, I ended up adding a 05 predator ltd to my collection. But I'll start a new thread about that.
  8. Well, I tried again. Offered $500 and still got shot down. Guess this one will just sit in his garage, oh well.
  9. Actually they are pretty hard to find around here. Might see one or two steel frames cr's of that vintage for sale a year.They normally don't sell fast though, usually there trashed and over priced and sit for sale all summer.
  10. Haha yep, good name for sure. Iv been running this name sense 2003 or 2004 on a few sites. The bike may all be there, but I'd put money on it that all the linkage bearings, wheel bearings etc. are toast. Definitely needs all new plastics, then there's always the no running issue. Would be easy to sink $2K into it making it real nice.
  11. I just looked, Iv actually email/texted the guy about this bike some time ago. I didn't relies it was the same bike. He did want $2,000 and his exact words were " I was thinking $2000. And I think that is low for this area." Granted the guys from down south and isn't familiar with prices up here, but he seems to think he's sitting on a small gold mine.... Iv seen decent 450's go for a couple hounded more then he's asking for a 20 year old not running 250. Lol. Regardless, I'll make a new offer of $500 to him today and if he thinks I'm out of my mind for offering so little I'll send him a link to this thread. Haha
  12. I have no intentions of paying that much. That's simply what I think it was previously listed at. Either 2,000 or 2,500 I don't remember which.I was thinking somewhere in the $500 range may be a fair offer to make. Just figured I'd see what your guys opinions were on it before I voiced what I was considering offering on it.
  13. I guess I have a hard time seeing these fetching a decent amount. I paid $1,400 for one in "clean as can be" condition back in 2006. Then I could hardly get $1,000 for it in perfect running shape in 2011.. This is my old 96 that I paid $1,400 for in 06' Not to mention anything over 2k and I'm stepping into the price range of 05+ ktm/yz 250's.