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  1. bluethundaaaa

    Tubliss Tire System

    I will never go back to a tube style system. I hate flats and so I switched to this because moose bibs (or whatever they are called) were hell putting in. Tubliss is amazing. Tire removal and installation is easy, I don't get a flat just by spooning on a tire. Tubliss support is great, they back their product fully and are very responsive. The whole system is so forgiving about pretty much everything. I once got a flat with tubliss and rode 35ish miles with no air at all in the front tire (13 ktm 450 xc-w) pretty much at normal speed and it seemed like the tire wasn't even flat (I now carry a patch kit with those plug things and a hand pump). I was amazed. I usually ride with 10lbs of pressure but they say you can ride with much less. I feel it was one of the best additions to my bike ever. They just make your life easier I think. my .02.
  2. bluethundaaaa

    Suggestions for radiator guards 14' 450xcw

    Here is a vote for Unibiker Rad guards. Great service and great product. I had them on my YZ and I bought them for my XC-W. They are a full wrap around style guard. I have no affiliation with Unibiker whatsoever. I have just had good service and a great product.
  3. bluethundaaaa

    What was your first bike?

    1977 honda express. I treated it like a dirtbike because I didn't have one. My grandma was not happy when I returned it to her because I failed to pay her for it and really trashed the crap out of it. I feel bad about that now....I was a dick move. My first real bike was an 81 kdx 250. I bought it used and it was pretty trashed. I took it home and the same day I got it I wrapped the chain around the front sproket and broke the case. I guess karma really does exist (referring to what I did to my grandmothers bike). It took me 4 months to get the money to rebuild the engine and another to rebuild it myself. It was a good but hard lesson as a 14 year old. It taught me to go through used bikes thourghly to make sure they are sound. Now I do that to all my bikes even when (and probably more importantly) they are new.
  4. bluethundaaaa

    What I have learned at Thumper Talk

    Is that why I have hot flashes when I don't ride???
  5. bluethundaaaa

    What I have learned at Thumper Talk

    all oils suck according to TT so I run.......Extra Virgin Olive oil. It has a low smoke point, and when I change it every half hour I can recycle it to cook my fish and dress my salad.
  6. bluethundaaaa

    What I have learned at Thumper Talk

    I learned that blue bikes suck, so I committed a cardinal sin and bought an orange bike but I learned that orange bikes suck too. Also, my name is bluethundaaaa (because I liked the blue bike util TT explained how horrible they are) and now I have an orange bike (and TT has explained how they are going to cause the end of civilization as we know it). So now my name sucks and my bikes suck too. I think I have just learned that I don't know sh**! Thanks TT!
  7. bluethundaaaa

    New 2013 450 xc-w and need full manual

    Outstanding. Thankyou.
  8. bluethundaaaa

    New 2013 450 xc-w and need full manual

    Thanks. I will check it out for sure. Can we get a full tear down manual from KTM?
  9. I am wondering if there is a full tear down manual for the engine. The manual that it comes with does not include valve clearance checks and such. Does anyone know if they are available online or do you just purchase them from the dealer (which I don't want to do but if I have to I will). thanks, B
  10. bluethundaaaa

    Rookie Mistakes

    So desperate for a motorcycle at the age of 10, my grandmother had a pair of honda express II's, one of which she let me use. For those of you who don't know the Honda express is a kinda bike/moped without pedals/scooter with a 50cc engine. Anyway since my parents would not purchase a dirtbike for me, this became my dirtbike. It was an automatic that really was gutless. It was nearly impossible to do a wheelie, and it had virtually no suspension with bicycle tires. Anyway riding after a rain in our grass field I hit a jump that I made near our old garage and landed but was too close to the garage and in an effort not to hit it grabbed a hand full of front brake, causing a complete washout of the bike and me dislocating my right shoulder. My dad was not home from work yet and not wanting to get the bike taken away, with one hand, and in great pain, I spread the dirt from the jump out so he could not see it and right before he got home I lay at the bottom of the stairs to the house acting like I fell. He took me to the ER and they relocated my shoulder. I think he knew what really happened but never said a word about it. About 8 months later I got a kx85.
  11. I have had unibiker radatior guards on my 02 wr426f, 06 yz450f and now my 13 450 xc-w. Installation is not difficult at all and the customer service from the guy at unibiker is amazing. I have bent up a set and called him and he just sent me the parts I needed at a fair cost not a whole new set. Also I bought a set for my son's bike and never got them installed, sold the bike and bought a different one a year or so later and called unibiker and they gladly exchanged them straight across for a new set that fit his bike. No reciept, no explanation, just asked and they delivered. Good service gets repeat business from me.
  12. bluethundaaaa

    rear shock adjustment question.

    Did you do anything with the highspeed compression as well?
  13. bluethundaaaa

    rear shock adjustment question.

    I weight 215ish with street clothes on. I put a factory connection progressive FCW-3, 8-10.3 kg/mm rear shock and .48 front springs. If there is improvement that can be had then I am all about it. Thanks again for your replies.
  14. I just bought a 2013 KTM 450 xc-w. I am coming off an 06 yamaha yz450f that I had set up for woods (I ride mainly single track and some enduros). I never really did much with the rear shock besides set the sag and change the spring for my weight. I am changing the springs on this bike to match my weight as well. I have been reading about adjusting the rear shock compression and high speed compression (I have never touched the high speed compression on any bike I have ever owned). So my question is: Is it proper to up your compression and lower your high speed compression to soften the ride over sharp edges and roots and rocks and such? It seems the slower ride would be more harsh. In my experience I have never really delt with rebound at all however I would reduce compression so that I would use up my travel and I thought make my ride better, or if I was bottoming out increase compression to stop that. Any insight would be appreciated. thanks, B
  15. bluethundaaaa

    Project KDX 220R - The Rebuild

    outstanding rebuild. Can't wait to see the finished product!