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  1. kyle450rider

    Estimating Daily Caloric Energy Requirements

    Check this out. It's very informative to a person wanting to calculate calories. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=121703981 Give it a read and check out the formula's listed. The Katch-Mcardle I'm told is the most accurate formula. For a quick check you can also use freedieting.com and fitnessfrog.com Both are good but fitnessfrog in my opinion tends to over estimate needs. A good calorie tracker is myfitnesspal.com. I use it and you can also get the app for your smartphone.
  2. kyle450rider

    2004 rm125 build

    ???? come on man we need to see the finished product.
  3. kyle450rider

    New to me 05 RM 250....

    That's a nice bike. I picked up an 06 last summer. Just now tossing some parts on it. It's bone stock and low hours. Fun bike to ride for sure.
  4. kyle450rider

    RM 250's with the RMZ front fender and number plate?

    Thanks for the reply. I did a search(what I should have done first) and found what I needed. Sounds like it bolts on with the exception of drilling out 2 holes. Ordering today.
  5. kyle450rider

    RM 250's with the RMZ front fender and number plate?

    47 views and not a single reply. LOL. I'll get to searching and see what I can come up with.
  6. I've seen a few bikes on here with this setup. Could someone who has done the mod or knows someone who has be so kind and explain what needs done with maybe a picture or 2? Is it a simple bolt on or do you need to modify the RMZ fender? Since I've decided to pass on getting new wheels for now I might as well buy a new fender and make it look like a updated bike.
  7. kyle450rider

    TCR wheel building and anodizing?

    I appreciate the replies. I don't consider the factory wheels and hubs inferior. I just can't justify spending 2grand on wheels and hubs when I only paid 2 grand for the bike. I'm not trying to bling it out either. Just going for a certain look that I have in mind. Too be honest after doing some research I'm almost convinced to leave the stockers on for now and just put that money in the engine.
  8. kyle450rider

    TCR wheel building and anodizing?

    Could you send me a link to the Rad MFG wheel sets on ebay. I've looked for them and can't find them.
  9. kyle450rider

    Mounting tires on black wheels

    http://stubbytiretools.com/Stubby-Pro-Gray-Grip-Set-ST-10200G.htm Use should try a set of these and let us know how they work out. I'm fixing to get black or gold excels on a project I'm starting and will be ordering a set of these. I'm usually pretty careful but even the best tire changer is going to slip once or twice and scratch a rim.
  10. kyle450rider

    No motivation to do cardio!

    I agree if can really hit but it also seems different for everyone who takes it. I don't ever energy nosedive on it. I've never crashed on it like if I were to drink too much coffee. I've checked my beats per minute off it and on it during a workout and didn't seem to be much different. USPlabs doesn't add filler to the products they make and its up to the user on how much he takes. Just saying.
  11. I started this same thread on the suzuki 2 stroke forum. Just curious if anyone has used this company to re-do the stock excels on their bike? They have a racer package that includes anodizing the stock wheels to your color of choice, turning down and polishing the stock hubs, then relacing and truing the wheel. Cost is 500.00 plus shipping. Seems like a good deal if your stockers aren't beat up.
  12. See if I can get these pictures to work. picked this up 3-6-12. Really like it so far. 2012 XLT Offroad package.
  13. kyle450rider

    TCR wheel building and anodizing?

    Haven't been on this site in a while. Finally getting ready to tear into the RM250 I bought. Really wanting to get some black or gold wheels on the bike after I get the frame powdercoated. Just curious if anyone has ever used the mentioned company? They have a racer package where they anodize your stock wheels(your choice of color), turn down and polish the stock hubs, then lace up the wheel. Runs about 500.00 plus what it cost to ship there and back. Seem's like a really good price when you look at some of the high end complete wheel and hub sets. I know I've read some good things about them on a few magazine sites but wanted to ask on here to see if anyone has had any work done by them. Thanks
  14. kyle450rider

    No motivation to do cardio!

    You ever try some pre-workout supplements? USPlabs makes a product called Jack3d that works pretty good. I wouldn't recommend it to young kids or anything but I will definately get you in the mood to put in a hard workout.
  15. kyle450rider

    2008 YZ250 build

    Used super glue on many occassions. Works like a charm.