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  1. smokepony

    Stupid question about oil color.....

    And Jeff Slavens swears by Saber. My local Amsoil guy glares at me over his glasses and tries to sell me Dominator every time I go in there and buy Saber, but I have friends with hundreds of hours on their TXs who have been through recommended periodic rebuilds who run it at 80:1. They say their internals look brand new. It's been working well for me. YMMV.
  2. smokepony

    PCGP Jan 19-20

    I asked on the FB page if there was a chance of canceling it, and the organizers said we're running whether there's rain, RAIN or MORE RAIN. It is going to be a mess. I can't wait! Brand new M5B went on the bike last night.
  3. smokepony

    2018 TE 250 Power valve adjustment?

    No, it's the opposite. Think of the spring and the adjuster as preload. You're "holding down" the power valve with a stronger spring or by screwing IN the adjuster (pre compressing the spring). So the red spring is the lightest spring, allowing the power valve to open faster. That's why I said if the adjuster is already flush with the case, that's the "full out" position (I think - can someone confirm?). So to get a faster hit, you're going to need to go to a lighter spring. If you put in a lighter spring, you might want to start experimenting with the adjuster in 2.5 turns and then keep turning it out in half turn adjustments till your son scares himself...
  4. smokepony

    2018 TE 250 Power valve adjustment?

    If the 250te is anything like the 300tx, the adjustment makes a big difference. If you're already flush with the adjuster, your only option is a lighter spring, then maybe start 2 turns in from flush and adjust outward from there. On my TX with the stock yellow spring, the difference between 2.5 turns in from flush and 2 turns in from flush is very large as far as the hit goes.
  5. smokepony

    Stupid question about oil color.....

    Amsoil Saber. Just make sure you run it at the recommended 80:1 instead of whatever ratio you're used to. Thread will spiral downward into "that's not enough oil" in 3... 2... 1...
  6. smokepony

    How to mellow out a '16 TC85?

    Give it this to sleep with:
  7. smokepony

    How to mellow out a '16 TC85?

    Bringing it inside the house to domesticate it is the obvious first step. You're off to a good start. 😉
  8. smokepony

    17+ Husqvarna TX model graphics?

    Surprised no one has linked to this other thread, yet: Some great looking bike in that thread (and this one!!)
  9. smokepony

    Rear Spring Rate

    I'm pretty sure if you've got the right static sag when you have the right rider sag then you've got the right spring rate. Nothing to be gained going lighter. Is 110 the recommended rider sag for that bike?
  10. smokepony

    First time; DIY Fork Service.

    I was just about to post almost the exact same thing but found your thread first. I watched an RMATV video, got the right tools and replaced the seals and fluid in my WP AER forks myself. Very satisfying to do a job like this yourself!
  11. smokepony

    The Epic Motorcycle Meme Thread!

    Massive LOL at this one!
  12. Like with many things in life, adequate lube is the key.
  13. smokepony

    New TX300 owner here

    ^^^^^ This. Also, make sure that you aren't using the bar-end screw-insert to hold the handguard, under pressure, off the end of the throttle tube. One layover on that side and the handguard could get mashed back into the end of the throttle tube and make the throttle stick! 😮
  14. smokepony

    New TX300 owner here

    Gorgeous bike and that is a GREAT deal! Congratulations. Once you get it dialed you will not be disappointed. Aside for the normal things you'd check - throttle housing, pinched cable along routing (remember that cable is definitely aftermarket to fit the lectron, so it might not be stock routing) - I'd pull the slide and inspect the spring and also make sure that the metering rod (AKA needle) is perfectly aligned so the flat side is facing the engine. I've found that when I've pulled the slide while the carb is on the bike, getting the spring to go back in straight has been a little challenging.
  15. smokepony

    Joined the club!

    Mmmmmmmm. Sweet ride! Happy Thanksgiving to you.