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  1. Motobum416

    Tusk airfilters?

    No issues with the Yamaha OEM or twin airs either, what problems have you found with Twin airs?
  2. Motobum416

    Tusk airfilters?

    Picked up 3 new tusk air filters from RMATVMC on sale for $9.99 each add to my current rotation of twin air filters on my fx. Used one for a short ride and was shocked by the amount of debris that got under sealing lip.Thankfully nothing made it as far as the backfire screen due to an light layer of grease applied past the sealing edge,but very disconcerting. Upon closer inspection the filter has very limited contact under the cage where it seals to the airbox. Filter seems to be made of decent material but the fit on our bikes is awful. YMMV Tusk blue filter, twinair orange Pictures 3 & 4 show a dark oil line at the bottom of the filter where the filter cage sits when installed. The twin air filter has 3 mm of filter after the cage whereas the tusk filter is within a millimetre of the edge of the foam.
  3. Motobum416

    Rear wheel/hub interchangability

    I always assumed you had those spacers made but after re-examining your photo I noticed that the parts are individually numbered. Have a line on some used 15 250f wheels for sale locally & being able to buy a 25mm to 22mm rear wheel spacer would make it a plainless purchase. If they are available for sale where could I p/up a set? edit- just reread the op & it said you had them made. Do you stil have the specs or are they interested in making another set?