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  1. This is gonna be my first efi bike. In the past in my carbureted 4 strokes I would run some Lucas and some stabilizer.....seemed to work fine. If it was running a little rough I would use some sea foam. Any recommended additives in the efi bikes. Thanks.
  2. I ordered a 2020 with the 2 inch lowering. They don't release it until December here in CA so I'm anxiously waiting. I'll post a review when I get it.
  3. Im in California so I have to have a plate. The byob option for lowering is a link? I thought it lowered the shock internally. Yup that's the lowering I was asking about. Thanks
  4. I am deciding between a 2020 390 rr-s or a 2019 390 rr-s. I'm 5'8" with a 30 inseam. Beginner to intermediate trail rider. Anyone have experience with the lowering kits on the byob? What are your thoughts on the lowering kits. 2020 or 2019? Thoughts Thanks
  5. decon

    2011 520 rs

    Went and checked this out on Monday. Offered 5000 out the door with 3000 down and 2000 financing through my credit union. Took down my phone number to check with the owner. This is a consignment. Haven't heard back though. There was a nice 2018 390 rrs that is tricked out I think that was 7800. I really liked the lower seat height though.
  6. decon

    2011 520 rs

    Thanks guys. I'm gonna try to make time to check it out. This place (brownscycle) is a beta dealership so if it's there and I like it cool. Im more comfortable with carb but it sounds like I can't go wrong with a new one either.
  7. Bike shopping, what do you guys think about this? 5500 is that reasonable for a bike this age? What should I look for when buying a used beta? What's is the real world maitenence costs for beta? Parts, dealer work, etc..... I like do to minor maitenence my self like oil, air filter, brakes, tires. I'm not as confident on valves or top end rebuilds. Should I just buy new? Thanks
  8. Too much air filter oil. The excess ran around the outer ring and leaked down. Only squeezed out about a drop of oil. Thanks for all the help. I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future.
  9. Maxima oil filter pre oiled and I thought it felt dry so I sprayed a little more oil on it.
  10. Noticed some oil on the ground by the rear tire. It was coming from underneath the seat just rear of the rear shock and in front of the rear tire (see picture). It was dripping onto the rear swing arm down the swing arm by the rear tire. The oil was blue and sticky. I initially thought it was excess chain oil as I just oiled chain, changed oil and new air filter. Based on where that oil was coming from and how stick it was I now think it was excess air filter oil. Can anyone confirm this? Any suggestions? Obviously if it is air filter oil I will use less oil next time. Does anyone think this could mess up something? Thanks
  11. I just backed ZUNGLE : Wear the Beats on @Kickstarter https://t.co/9Y3z1BCRji

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