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  1. 98XRAz

    2002 XR250 Troubleshooting help.

    Hopefully just a stuck one. Have you removed your valve covers yet?
  2. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

    The more I think about it, the dremeling I had to do was to get the lever to to spin on the joint. I’m going to order the complete ‘97 joint and arm and I’ll update the thread when it gets here. Thanks man!
  3. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

  4. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272271439721 So you’re saying that would work? If so why do they say 96-97?
  5. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

    The joint and arm went together no problem, but the screw on the joint wouldn’t line up with the slot in the splines until I dremeled the piss out of it. I can get a complete assy off eBay. Maybe I just got a badly milled part?
  6. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

    Just the joint.
  7. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

    I have a 97 on it now and had to dremel quite a bit of metal to get it to fit and it’s still not right.
  8. 98XRAz

    Fatty Tire on 2004 XR250

    I have the GT216AA in 80/100-21 on my XR 400 no issues fitment wise. As for performance I don’t push it too hard but it seems fine. Pete
  9. 98XRAz

    Kick arm joint

    Anyone know where I can locate a kick arm joint for a 98 XR400R? It has to be this exact year and part # no other years fit I checked. I’ll pay a fair price including shipping if someone has one laying around. Arm. 28300-kcy-760 Joint. 28241-kcy-760 Thanks, Pete
  10. 98XRAz

    remove crappy inspection cover?

    I’d give it some heat dump some water on it then grab it with vice grips and show it who’s boss.
  11. 2 thoughts I had... Take it to a really good aluminum welder. How much would a good used whole engine cost? I definitely say fix and ride tho.
  12. 98XRAz

    Suspension settings for food delivery.

    That’s awesome, reminds me of being stationed in Bahrain those dudes ripped food around that island at warp speed, traffic laws and pedestrians be damned [emoji38][emoji106]
  13. 98XRAz

    Need XL350L Cam Advice

    I’m far from an expert, but I would replace the valves and guides first, much cheaper, then perhaps the cam if that doesn’t fix it. Also put new rings on and check the piston while it’s apart.
  14. 98XRAz

    Carb overflow pissing gas after ride?!

    Start it up, turn off fuel, let it run till it dies while gently tapping the bowl with a screwdriver handle. If there’s something stuck in there I’ve had it work for me.
  15. 98XRAz


    Strong work playa! Sub’ed [emoji106]