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  1. dmountainkid

    please help

    I have read about a problem and fix to this problem is one of the MX magazines, I think MX Action..............But I cannot remember? Where are the Guru's on this one
  2. dmountainkid

    06 Mods, opinions wanted

    Thanks Morris man, exactly the info I was looking for, Have not rode Red in a decade and I am really excited, thanks and I'll update the progress in a few weeks. Thanks
  3. dmountainkid

    06 Mods, opinions wanted

    I am switching from 05Yamaha to 06 Honda 450,(picking up this Saturday). Any Mods you guys can suggest? I am a motocross only rider, 30+ intermediate. I have been using White Bros pipes for the last couple years, but I am thinking about Two Brothers,comments? Really I'm looking for suggestions about tripple clamps, gearing, etc and anything else that needs to be done before it breakes, or that will make the bike better for cheap$$$. Glad to be back in the red corner for sure, thanks in advance!
  4. dmountainkid

    Vacation in So Cal, Help please!

    Need a little help guys. Myself and 3 of my riding pals from Georgia are going to Glen Helen for the MX National in September, and we are wanting to get 2 or 3 days of riding in while we are there. We tried this year at Anahiem 1 but the rain killed those plans while we were there. MX Vacation is the only rental deal I have found, is there any more? There used to be "MX Rental" but a friend I have in LA told me they are no longer in business? Any other place to rent a MX bike? Should we plan to ride after of before the National,(we have about a week to stay)? Our group runs from novice to pro, any tracks we should avoid? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
  5. dmountainkid

    Busted Suspension

    Sounds like a fork seal. You can do it yourself in about 2 hours for cheap or have someone do it for you for approx. 125 to 200 bucks if you service the other one(which I would recommend). I would not race the bike, it would possibly be harder on you than the bike. I am on my second set of fork seals this season.
  6. dmountainkid

    Pic's of Poison Spider Arch

    Wow!!! Thats sick and I am envious. Noting like that here in the Southeast. Very very cool...
  7. dmountainkid

    White Bros!!

    I run one, I'll agree it is a little loud, but in my opinion one of the best MX pipes on the market. I like the look of the carbon but it is a lot of $$$$. White Bros. builds good pipes for sure and what ever you get from them I don't think you'll be disapointed.
  8. dmountainkid

    Boyesen accelerator pump cover

    I made the same post 2-3 months back about the Boysen cover. Wrooster hooked me up with the links, and I read and decided not to buy one because basicly my bike runs fine, no bog whatsoever. I was just curious about all of the full page advertisements in the MX mags. So... a month or so ago, one of my riding pals got one given to him by the dealer who sponser him (on his 450,which I have ridden and raced several times). I could tell absolutly no difference (all be it I am a vet C class rider)and neither could he(and he is a pro ). I'm not spending my money on one unless someone shows me otherwise. So that is my experience with it, hope it was helpful.
  9. dmountainkid

    New Member; need advice

    My opinion is don't waste the money on a new bike. You can find some sweet deals on bikes that racers have already spent the money for pipes, suspension and other cool mods. But if you have money to burn.. wait for the 06. Just depends if you want to spend 4K for a good bike with lots of goodies or close to 6K for a stock 06. And the 05 will not be obsolete, it is still the best 250f made even without the allumum frame.
  10. dmountainkid

    Got reliability concerns about the RM-Z 450? HUH, Read this

    That sucks Hope you find the guy who did that to your bike. If you Avatar is any indication of your personality he is in for a bad , bad day. Good luck on the rebuild.
  11. dmountainkid

    New sprockets on thier way

    I run Renthals on my 04, I like the 50 for rear, it gives a lot more hit on the bottom and lets you rail corners in a higher gear and I seem to shift a lot less than with a 48 or 49, but you do loose top end. I'll agree with the other posts, 2 maybe three months if you ride every weekend or so the allum. will be gone( I put all new in mid Janurary and an ready for new agian). You will notice a difference from your stock gearing for sure.
  12. dmountainkid

    Big relibility issues?

    She does not pay too much attention to my bikes anyway... I went from a 99 to an 01 RM 250 without her even knowing the difference.... I think I'll just tell her I am buying a yellow Hurricane Kit for 199 dollars, haha.
  13. dmountainkid

    Big relibility issues?

    Thanks guys, the shop we ride for is expecting in a shipment of 450's next week(hopefully), my name is on one and Yosh pipe is ordered as well. Going to be hard to explain to the wife how the blue bike turned yellow!!
  14. dmountainkid

    Air in front forks 04 250F??

    I don't know anyone who is using this brand of seals? Hell,I guess I'll be the ginny pig on this one since I have a couple of weeks before my next race. PS. Gotta look into the sub bar set up, interesting and cheap!!!!
  15. dmountainkid

    Big relibility issues?

    One of my best racing buddies bought a new RMZ450 a couple months ago. I've ridden it and raced it and I'm very interested in buying myself one(with two holeshots over the weekend all I see is yellow). I have a YZ250F and have not had any big money issues with the bike yet, the last Suzuki I had (rm250) was a money pit and I swore them off forever. I am a MX only rider and have checked this forum for a while. The RMZ 450 for me is the best big 4 stroke bike I have ever ridden by far the engine, suspension and handling is awesome. Just looking for some help from you RMZ TT guys before I write the $6000 check! Thanks in advance