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  1. Richard Stevens

    Show your Handlebars with Brush Guards

    Hollerhead could I order those mirrors and just screw them in the Acerbis x factory hand guards I ordered? I do like your set up. Thank you.
  2. Richard Stevens

    Show your Handlebars with Brush Guards

    Yea I messed that up. I’m looking to get the x-factory. I like the rubberized coating on the metal. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  3. Richard Stevens

    Show your Handlebars with Brush Guards

    Come on guys. I need some pics and input. Thanks
  4. Richard Stevens

    What Jets do I order?

    Yea I ordered jet kit from Factory Pro and gonna do the Dave’s carb mod next week. Now I have to decide what bars and bark busters I wanna get. It’s always something. Lol.
  5. Richard Stevens

    Warning about clarke tanks and justgastanks

    Dam. I’m sorry this happened to you. Like someone said PayPal should cover you. I’d call Clark to tell them. You never know they might help you out. Post the number where you got it and I’m sure a few of us will call them to tell them what we think!!
  6. Hey all show your handlebar set up along with your brush guards or bark busters. Please add brand of bars and guards. Thinking about getting Pro Taper Contour cr high in black or silver or platinum along with Acerbis X factors. In white and red or red with white. See confusing huh? Well for me anyway. Lol thanks all
  7. Richard Stevens

    What Jets do I order?

    I found a buddy that’s going to help me with the “Dave’s Carb Mod” after that what size jets should I order before we begin? I’m in Cols Ohio and 1140 above sea level. Should I just order the Dyno kit or FMF kit or should I just go to jets r us and order 2-3 from there? Thanks all so much help. Love it. Stay safe out there.
  8. Richard Stevens

    FMF header and q4 installation help

    OttawaBRP THANK YOU!! I have been looking for this for a while now. Just didn’t want to mess it up. 👍 thanks for the reply.
  9. Richard Stevens

    FMF header and q4 installation help

    I know this is a simple install but when I loosened up my header bolts, 4 of the “header joints” all came out and fell to ground. Now I can’t find a pic of how they go in. Does one face out and one face in? 2 on each side. Does both on each pipe face the same way? Hope I’m painting a pretty picture of this so I can get some good feedback. Also when mounting my support strap on my q4 muffler where did you place it. I’m thinking in the turn signal bolt? Did you drill a new hole? Well thanks all. Can’t wait for the feed back. Be safe and God Bless!
  10. Richard Stevens

    Anyone Heard of Banshee battery? Are they good?

    So far it's great. I also hook it up to a battery tender. But it fires right up. Time will tell but don't think you can beat the 4 year warranty. I'll keep you all posted.
  11. I was thinking about ordering a Banshee YTX9-BS for my 2012 XR650L. They have them in eBay for around $24 dollars. They come with a 4 year warranty. Anyone ever heard of this brand or know of a descent one? I don't want the high price $100 battery at this time. Please help. Thanks and all comments are greatly appreciated.
  12. Richard Stevens

    Reviews on the Banshee 9-BS Battery

    So I need a new battery for my 12 XR650L. I think it has original factory in it. My battery just was not holding a charge very long I bought a battery tender plugged it in and it still wouldn't bring it fully back to life. So I'm looking at replacement batteries and I come across BANSHEE. Has anyone heard of this brand and if so what are your thoughts? They sell for around 30 and have a 4 year guarantee. Thanks I'll try and post a pic of what I found. Thank you.
  13. Richard Stevens

    Bad Battery? or Something Else?

    Thanks BillsXR! Def new to bikes. I use to ride when younger and my dad always tried to get me to come out in garage but I was always on the video game!! Man sometimes I Wish I had a clock to turn back time. Thanks again bud. ?
  14. Richard Stevens

    Bad Battery? or Something Else?

    No I do not have a battery tender. I will buy one though. That's why I come here to you guys so I don't look like a fool in person at the parts store. I only have to look like a fool here behind my profile pic!! Thanks you guys.
  15. Richard Stevens

    Bad Battery? or Something Else?

    I want to start off by thanking all of you in advance for reading and responding to this post. I had my bike 2012 XR650L out about 3 weeks ago but I had to put a booster pack on the battery to get it to fire up. I then rode it a couple hours and parked it. Went back out after a few hours of rest and same thing very week battery. Put booster on. Fired right up. Now today same thing I had to put booster on cause battery was weak. So do you all think I just need a new battery if so what do your all recommend? or is something else going wrong? I could take the battery and get tested but wanted to just check with you all first. Thanks so much. Here is a pic of my battery.