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  1. yamerhammer

    2 Stroke mixing

    Personally I'd stay away from the opti-2. 100:1 is way to rich, costed me a top end before. Stick with the recommended oil which is yamalube and run 32:1 or 40:1 I use motorex full synthetic in my 2 strokes and personally think it's the best oil.
  2. yamerhammer

    yzf250 idling issue in cold

    thanks for the suggestion, definitely could be too much oil on the filter. bike is running rich as plug is blackish and I just threw in some fresh 94 so I don't think its that but I do have a lot of oil on the filter so definitely thanks for saying that. appreciate it
  3. so i started my yz250f up today and it is -23 out today i keep my bike in a heated shop, but when I started it the bike would not idle, I had the rev the bike slowly to keep it running. in the summer this was never an issue. is this a pilot jet issue or is it just way to cold for the bike to run properly? even after riding around the bike couldn't idle? my guess is something in the carb? this was never an issue in the summer. the bike has been sitting for about 3-4 weeks. any suggestions? also only way the bike would start is with choke and decompression lever pulled in. thanks! and sorry for the questions
  4. what kind of bike did you have? im not sure how a quad is any less maintanence than a bike. if anything in my expierience a bike is less maintanence than a quad. especially a two stroke
  5. yamerhammer

    Loose or tight valves?

    valves get tighter as they wear and beat into the seats. your valves have gotten tighter as you can tell. wouldnt hurt to put them on the looser end of the scale
  6. yamerhammer

    Alberta riding areas

    hey y'all I've been riding dirtbikes for about 10 years now, have been to lots of different areas including: bump mx, Castrol mx, tabletop mx, cold lake mx, Bruderheim, redwater natural area, vega, belis lake, brule lake, Cadomin, Grande cashe, and a few smaller areas. my favorite being bruderheim, bump mx, belis, and brule lake I'm always looking for places to go bigger, better, more challenging etc -I'm just curious what other places are out there in alberta or close to it that's not on my list? -and what's your favorite riding areas and why? thanks my ride
  7. yamerhammer

    Why doesn't my dirt bike start in gear?

    Definitely sounds like a clutch problem my bike was same way. 2011 yzf250
  8. Yamaha all the way baby. Most reliable high performance out there
  9. yamerhammer

    E10 vs fuel lines

    Personally I've never had issues with ethanol People might say other things and explain how ethanol is the devil. But the bottom line is ethanol should not hurt anything at 10% or less IF you use you equipment consistently and don't let the fuel sit for long. My thought on ethanol is it burns dry produces less energy and tends to go "stail" quicker. If you got a newer bike I wouldn't worry too much... if you really don't wanna run ethanol go to shell and buy premium or race fuel... just my two cents
  10. yamerhammer

    E10 vs fuel lines

    at 10% ethanol shouldn't cause problems
  11. yamerhammer

    Clip fell down into where the cam chain is.

    Where did you find it
  12. yamerhammer

    Can you identify this pipe?

    Theirs a shop around here where I live that makes custom pipes for atvs and bikes. Might be that just a custom built one but I mean theirs also a lot of smaller companies that could have made it? Not exactly sure but that's just my two cents
  13. yamerhammer

    Can you identify this pipe?

    Looks like a stock pipe with a new tip
  14. yamerhammer

    Dream dirtbike and why?

    best bike ever = yz250f with no maintenance= dream bike also=bike that can go full throttle 24/7 without blowing up yzf250+WOT 24/7+ no maintenance= dream bike not possible keep dreaming
  15. yamerhammer

    Dirt bike seized by sitting?

    sounds like a rusted piston or sleeve, I had the exact same problem pulled the cylinder off and look what I found with my bike probably caused by water getting into the engine