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  1. CRF150

    04 YZ125 in Saskatchewan

    I have a 2004 yamaha yz 125 for sale. great shape, the CLEANEST used bike out there! $1500 worth of perfrormance parts on it, new rubber and new bottom and top end. $5,100cdn. Dodsland Saskatchewan email me for more info. bacon150@hotmail.com
  2. CRF150

    YZ 125 or YZ 250f

    You think a 125 is less maintance than a 250f. My yz125 breaks down constintly four strokes never break down, thats why i'm racing a the 250f next year. The yz 125 let me down too many times this year.
  3. CRF150


    BBR Rev box Uni performance air filter Fast 50's 60% stiffer rear shock spring Fast 50's 60% stiffer front fork springs Jet kit I have taken all of these parts off of my bike and they are all for sale! Click on my user name to email me if interested.
  4. CRF150

    150 Jet Kit

    I got some jets i'm getting rid of because i sold my 150. I didn't use them very much, I got a 42 pilot and a 100 main and a 102 main. $15
  5. CRF150

    Rev Box

    I had a BBR rev box in my 150 before i sold it and it worked great. I only had it in the bike for 2 days but those days were awsome. I'm selling my BBR Rev Box now. Click on my user name to email me if your interested.
  6. CRF150

    What Filter do you run?

    I got a Uni air filter for sale for $15 (CAD) $12 (U.S) its practicly new i just ran the bike up the road while it was in thats all i had time for because right after that i sold the bike. Click on my user name to email me.
  7. I sold it for $2800 Canadian so like $2200 U.S I think that is pretty good and I'm selling the performance parts separately.
  8. I'm selling it for $3300 canadian, with the parts on plus the stock so i'll see what I get.
  9. CRF150

    150 in 125 class

    I'm done the race!! The ref let me go in the 80 class, but still they were all kids that have been racing for 5 years. So i got 7th out of 7 and then 5th out of 5. I don't care I just tried to have fun and be on a track because i have never been on one before. I noticed i can out power an 80 off of a corner easily.
  10. What do you think my 2004 crf 150 is worth? I got fast 50's front and rear springs, Uni air filter, a little air box modification (so i jetted it coreclty), BBR rev box, Acerbis handguards and new maxxis tires. the bike has no scratches, in good shape, and it purs like a kitten.
  11. CRF150

    150 in 125 class

    OK boys the race is this friday! I'm so nerves now, i think i'll be shaking so hard at the gate i'll fall off the bike. What do you guys when your nerves before your race expecally your first race. I think i'm going to take it easy in the practice and on the first lap of each race, so i can get the feel of the track and then i'll turn it on and pick off the 125's one by one.
  12. CRF150

    1998 xr 80

    What do you think a used 1998 xr 80 is worth? The bike is on its second or third owner and is in not bad shape.
  13. CRF150

    150 in 125 class

    The head ref said that he will let me go in the 80 class butttttttttt only if i do bad in the 125 practise. So should i not try in the practise to make sure I get into the 80 class. So what should I do?
  14. CRF150

    hp on xr 200

    That sounds like a sweet bike axually, so what are the chances of me finding an xr 200 motor so i can put it in my 150.
  15. CRF150

    How much HP

    Everyone has those rev boxes on there bikes, so if it were that bad no one would have them. I just spent $100 on that little thing and i wan't to keep it unless something happens, so what is the chance of it blowing my motor up.