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  1. Drw814

    Honda CRF150F Wont Start!

    Is your timing correct? Either valve bent? Valve clearances? My buddy picked up a ttr125 that had been sitting and had a bent intake valve. We must have kicked the bike 200 times before realizing the intake valve was not closing correctly. Every kick it sounded like it might just start. I recently rebuilt my xr650l and I had the timing 180* off (dead opposite of correct). When trying to start the bike, it was pulling in air from the exhaust and discharging out the carb/intake. Sounded perfectly normal too.
  2. Drw814


    There is a forum category titled “what bike should I get” or something along those lines that this kind of question should be in for future reference. Edit: dang doc beat me to it, a Crf230f is a great learner bike. Someone new to bike operation in general is probably not the best candidate for an 85cc 2 stroke track bike. Something like a 230 allows someone to get comfortable with general operation and maintenance. Once they feel they need more power/suspension etc. moving up to a more powerful bike would be the next step. After mastering the 230, he’ll probably be set for a 125-250 2 stroke anyways, so you could probably skip the 85. And just a heads up, a trail bike won’t be great on a track and a track bike won’t be great on the trails.
  3. Drw814

    What you did to your XR today?

    Got my XRs only oil temp dipstick. Tested it out too.
  4. Drw814

    What should I ask?

    This is true, for me anyway. For example, let’s say there are 2 230s for sale: #1: 2006 ttr 230 good shape, very reliable $2000 #2: 2006 ttr 230 good shape, extra oil filters, spark plugs, air filter etc. included. Also have oem parts I replaced and a new chain ready to install. $2200 Personally I would lean towards #2. Even if the extras are not worth the extra money, something like that shows the owner knows what maintenence needs to be done and had planned to keep maintaining the bike. An owners manual is also a big plus to me.
  5. Drw814

    First Dirt Bike What to Get

    A drz400 or xr650l would be worth looking at. I personally have a 650, and at your height and weight you should be able to manage it on trails. It’s not hardcore trail bike but it’ll go where you want it. Street legal too as a bonus.
  6. Just passed inspection. They checked blinkers, taillight with front and rear activation, chain guard, horn, and headlight. They didn’t mention anything about reflectors, but I have 3 red on the back and 2 amber in front. They didnt mention the mudflap either.
  7. Drw814

    Upgrading to a bigger dual sport

    I agree with all the bikes doc mentioned. Crf250l, wr250r, KLX250, dr650, drz400s take a look at the xr650l too if you’re tall. A “race bike” like the wr450f is ill suited for daily street duty imo
  8. Drw814

    Big Red Pig vs The World

    I’ve had a 650l for just a few months now, recently finished an engine teardown/rebuild. The 650 is a big bike, both height and weight wise. I’m 6’3, 185 and sometimes on hills/uneven terrain putting my foot down can be a little sketchy. So far it’s been a great bike, but it takes more time and more thought to get through the gnarly stuff vs a smaller bike. I bought this bike specifically because it has more power than my 250s for the street and it will still go down all the terrain they will, just at a slower pace with more work involved (for me, not the bike). On a side note, with the xr650 being 350lbs wet I have no idea why anyone would want a full “adventure bike” @ 500lbs + If you’re set on Honda, maybe look at a 250l? I have one and while only 30lbs lighter on paper, it feels like it’s 80lbs lighter in the woods, the center of gravity is much lower. I went from a 14t front sprocket to a 13t and it’s much better for the woods, other than that my bike is stock. If you’re not set on Honda, the wr250r and DRZ400S are supposed to be great bikes as well. I don’t have any personal experience with them but I’m trying to pick up one of each at one point or another.
  9. Drw814

    First dirt bike...

    I bought my crf230 at 19 and I still have it/love it. All depends on riding/terrain. IMO if you’re doing 40-60, you’re not on a trail, that’s a road. He is looking for a bike for his novice 14 year old and his wife, a 230 is basically built for this scenario.
  10. I will update this thread Friday after the dmv to let you know. The mudflap is a weird addition I know, but it explicitly states that a mudflap is acceptable to bring the fender into compliance. I have all their inspection sheets and rules printed out to bring with me for reference. Did you remove the extended tail/rear fender stuff you improvised after inspection?
  11. So here is my “mudflap”. It’s cut from some anti fatigue mat I had lying around. It extends well past the written requirement.
  12. So you’re looking for an engineering perspective on why components are/were changed on the bike? My bike is stock besides gearing, I can add my input on that. Does it have to be 250l related? I could offer more input from other bikes, and it seems like your questions are not specifically related to the 250l.
  13. Ok, so everything is set except for that rear fender/plate situation. I can’t think of a way to lower it while keeping it functional. I picked up some aluminum stock to try and make a bracket extender, but I think even if it lowers it, the makeshift extender will throw a red flag on how sketchy it looks. I’m thinking about removing all the preload from the rear shock to help close the gap but I don’t know if that will be enough. I also called the local PD about the VT plates. They said the vehicle “should” be registered in whichever state it resides the most in, and to ask the DMV for more info. 😑 Another thing I’m thinking about is my headlight. The stock polisport unit came with a crappy bulb that barely put out any light and drew too much power from the electrical system at idle. I replaced it with an led and it’s a far superior setup, but I don’t know if I should slap the old bulb in for inspection. Edit: just found the actual inspection form. Says the rear fender cannot be more than 14” from the rear axle. It also says a mud flap can be used to compensate for this distance, so I’m going to fab some kind of flap as my fender is easily more than 14” above the tire. https://www.ct.gov/dmv/lib/dmv/modified_checklist.pdf Besides the fender I think I have everything covered. Don’t see a mention of reflectors, so I will place mine similar to where they are on my 250l just to be safe.
  14. I just hooked up my rear brake light switch. Picked up some self adhering plastic reflectors as well. Now I’ve attached a chain guard via zip tie. There is no place to actually mount the chain guard on the swing arm obviously, so I am wondering if this will work? Its held on at all 3 mounting points and it’s on there solid. I can’t think of a way to mount it without welding/drilling the swing arm.
  15. OK, I'll see what I can do to lower that plate mount. I think Im going to print out that composite motorcycle page and bring it with me, that way it shows a single beam headlights meets spec on their own website. Otherwise I have to buy another handlebar switch with high/low, and re wire the light with my trail tech unit. Im going to pick up some reflectors today to add. The VT thing is confusing to me, I've been hearing mixed reports that you can/cant ride as a CT resident with VT plates. Maybe Ill give the local PD a call, because if my VT plates are valid im not going to bother switching to CT, at least for the time being. Thank you for your assistance YZEtc.